How to Use PLR Content to Create Weekly Sales

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One way to get subscribers to eagerly look forward to the next issue of your newsletter is to create a weekly feature, such as “Friday’s Top Ten List.” And an easy way to put together these weekly features is by using PLR content.

Let me show you how to put together these features and then profit from them…


Step 1: Choose a Feature

First things first: You need to choose what sort of weekly (or monthly) feature you’d like to publish in your newsletter.

Here are a couple examples that should spark some ideas:

  • Top Ten List. Here you compile ten tips, such as “ten tips for training a dog to sit” or “ten ways to get 100 backlinks.” If you choose to make this a short feature, each tip can just be a sentence or so. Example: “Trade links with other bloggers.”
  • Tip of the Week. If you’d like to create a short feature to insert at the top, bottom or even between portions of your regular newsletter, use a “tip of the week.” Here your feature can be as few as a couple sentences to a paragraph long.


Step 2: Find (and Rewrite) Suitable PLR Content

Next, you need to find PLR content you can use for your weekly feature. This may be articles, ebooks, reports or any other PLR content where you’re able to extract out multiple tips.

Tip: Search Google to find PLR content in your niche. For example, search for “Gardening PLR.”

For example, if you’re doing a “tip of the week” feature, then just one article may give you a half a dozen or more tips. Or one chapter in a PLR ebook may give you dozens of tips.

Since you’re just extracting tips out of an article or other PLR content, you usually don’t need to rewrite the tip. However, you CAN add in your own examples and elaboration to complete the tip.

Here’s an example:

PLR healthy-eating tip: “Eat fresh fruit and other natural foods instead of processed snacks.”

Your elaboration: “Get creative. For example, I like to eat frozen raspberries mixed with just a dab of natural peanut butter. It’s filling, satisfying and tastes great too!”


Step 3: Profit!

As mentioned, you can stick your weekly feature in the beginning, end or even in the middle of your newsletter. Use one of these methods to turn a profit:


  • Put your weekly feature right above your sponsor or intro ad.
  • Promote a product that’s closely related to the tip

Example: Promote protein whey if your tip is about eating extra protein.

  • Promote an information product that’s related to the tip.

Example: You might promote a weight loss book alongside a weight loss tip.

  • Promote an information product that includes the tip. Here you excerpt out a tip from a PLR ebook each week or each month and include it in your newsletter. Then you sell the full-length ebook by saying something like, “If you’d like more great tips like this, click here.”

You just discovered a quick and easy way to create – and profit from – a regular newsletter feature that you extract out of PLR content.

Your next step: Take action! It only takes a couple minutes to extract a tip out of PLR content and add it to your newsletter, so there’s no excuse not to get started today!

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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