How to Bank Extra Money with PLR Content in One Easy Step!

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Maybe you already know how to use your PLR content to create your newsletter content. For example, you can:

  1. Create a regular feature such as a weekly or monthly tip in your newsletter.
  2. Use PLR content to create ALL the content in your newsletter or autoresponder series.

You can put one or both of those strategies into place. And then you can make even more money in one easy step: Specifically, by selling advertising space in your newsletter and next to your weekly feature!



Tip of the Week: Here are three quick and easy ways to get dozens of backlinks:


  1. Exchange links with other bloggers.


  1. Submit articles to article directories like and


  1. Drop your link on social networks like and


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It’s simple. It’s effective. And it’s profitable.

So, how do you find sponsors and advertisers for your newsletter? Like this:

  • Let your readers know you’re offering advertising. You can mention it directly, or you can put an “ad” in your designated ad space

Example: In the place where you’d like to offer ad space, put a “this space for sale” and direct people to a link where they can get more information.

  • Blog about the fact that you’re offering ad space. You may even want to put up a permanent link on your blog labeled “advertisers.”
  • Tell your social networks (e.g., Twitter followers) about your advertising opportunities. Ask then to “retweet” and tell their followers too.
  • Tell your JV partners about the opportunity, since they may want to place their own ads.
  • Ask your JV and affiliate partners to tell their lists and readers (and you give them a cut of the profits for every ad spot they sell).
  • Advertise on business forum marketplaces, such as on com, and
  • List your opportunity on org.
  • Put up an auction for the ad space on
  • Include a link to the advertising opportunity in your forum signature.
  • Get in contact with an online list broker or similar service who’ll find advertisers for your newsletter. (Example: .)

One note, however: Before you go looking for advertisers, you should put together as much information as you can about your list. That’s because your potential advertisers will want to know about your list demographics as well as how you built your list. They’ll also be interested in what kind of conversion rates you’ve turned out on your own offers.

Tip: First-time advertisers may also be interested in purchasing a small ad buy to test your list. As such, be prepared to randomly split your list into multiple parts.

There you have it: Ten easy ways to find advertisers for your online newsletter.

Indeed, if you apply several of those methods today, you could have your first advertiser before your head hits the pillow tonight!

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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