Orangutan Fu Manchu Offers Profitable Biz Idea

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At the Omaha Zoo in the 1960’s an adult male orangutan named Fu Manchu caused quite a stir.

Fu was a loveable guy, gentle and sweet. Even though orangutans are incredibly strong, Fu never tried to hurt the zookeepers. As a youngster, Fu would climb inside the keeper’s parkas as they were wearing them, slide his arms into the sleeves and play with the keepers. Once when a curator slipped on a wet floor inside the exhibit, Fu saved him from harm and alerted the other keepers with his call.

But one day Fu went missing. He was found sitting in a tree outside his enclosure along with his companion and three children.

Fu and his family were coaxed down and guided back into the enclosure where the keepers found an open, unlocked maintenance door. Head keeper Jerry Stones yelled at his team for leaving the door open and that was that.

Except a few days later, Fu Manchu got out again, and again the door was found unlocked and open.

Stones was furious and ready to fire someone.

Several days later, one of the staff noticed Fu was behaving strangely.

Fu ambled over to the dry moat, climbed down some air vents to the bottom and proceeded to jimmy the door’s latch with a homemade lock pick.

Keepers later found out the lock pick was a long piece of wire Fu had managed to bend into the right shape to pick the lock.

And the reason no one found the lock pick before was because Fu kept it hidden between his bottom lip and gums.

Fu Manchu, like most orangutans, was incredibly smart.

But YOU are most likely 10,000 times smarter than Fu Manchu. That’s why you know how important it is to have the right tool for the right job.

Time and again I see marketers trying to use the wrong tool for what they want to accomplish. What they need is guidance, because they simply don’t know what tools are available.

That’s why I think it would be an incredibly profitable business idea to build a site around online marketing tools, demonstrating which ones are the best for a particular task. And of course offering each tool via affiliate, too.

The sales to be made from such an authority site could be huge. If you’re up to the task, you might start out by evaluating all the marketing tools in one particular category, and then branching out into others. Your articles should have a fairly easy time gaining traction in Google, thereby earning you plenty of free traffic.

Be sure to promote some software that is billed monthly, thereby earning you residual income.

If an orangutan can invent his own lock picking tool, think how comparatively easy it will be for you to simply talk about tools already created and ready to sell.

This could be turned into a 6 figure business, especially when you’re offering tools with those monthly residual payments.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
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