Will Your Work Be Remembered in 50 Years?

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In the 1970’s we had a show here in Britain called, “Are You Being Served?” It was a sitcom and took place in the men’s and women’s apparel section of a department store named Grace Brothers.

You can find some of the episodes today on YouTube. Scroll down and read the comments and you’ll find people who are just discovering and falling in love with the show for the first time here in 2022.

And it got me thinking… every single leading actor on the show (about 10 in all) are now gone, and yet they are still bringing joy to others through this show. So are the writers, the directors and everyone else who worked to make that show happen.

The same is true of the American “Mary Tyler Moore Show” of the 1970’s. The last three remaining actors on that show all died just last year, including Ed Asner, Gavin McCloud and Betty White.

And I’ll bet that every second of the year, someone, somewhere is laughing with the Mary Tyler Moore gang.

Shows like these make people feel good. A person can forget their troubles for a little while and relax and have a few laughs.

I’m wondering what my legacy could be. Making money is fine, but when I’m gone no one will care if I made a million pounds, ten million or just 10, unless I do something good with that money.

A person’s legacy could be a beloved book, a movie, a fund that helps people, or even a movement that changes lives.

We get so bogged down in “making a living” that we sometimes forget there will be a day when we are no more.

What do you want to leave behind? What will your legacy to the world be?

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
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