How to Earn $100 an Hour for Saying YES

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People think coaching must be something terribly difficult that only a super master brain can do.

Nope. At least, not in the online marketing realm.

People are funny. They already KNOW what to do, but they won’t do it until someone tells them it’s okay to do it.

They want permission from a ‘higher power’ to tell them that what they’re about to do is what they SHOULD do.

And they also want someone to hold them accountable because they’re lousy at doing it themselves.

Most people who want an online mentor or coach already know that they need to build a list, sell products, create their own product, build a funnel and so forth.

They KNOW this. But they’re not DOING this. And they think if they just had someone — a higher power, so to speak — tell them that it’s okay to move ahead, well then, they’d be successful.

And the odd thing is, they’re right.

They hire you as their coach. You talk to them over Skype, the phone, through email or however you want to work it.

You ask them what they want to do. “I want to build a list in this niche and sell affiliate products,” they say.

You ask them what they think is their first step. “Get an autoresponder and a website,” they say.

You tell them that this week you want them to get an autoresponder and learn how to use it, and to either put up a WordPress blog or hire someone to do it for them.

Presto! You’ve just earned your first $100, or $200, or whatever you charge per hour.

And by an hour, we usually mean 45 minutes. You need a break, after all.

The rest of the call is mainly them telling you their dreams, what they want, WHY they want it and so forth.

Because later, when they haven’t completed their weekly tasks, you’re going to hold them accountable and remind them of why they’re doing this.

That’s the other half of what you’ll be doing — holding them accountable and keeping them moving in the right direction.

If the two of you agree that they should do “X” and “Y” prior to your next call with them, then they better do it or they’re going to look foolish to you, their mentor.

And 9 times out of 10 that’s all the motivation they need.

Now they know they’ve got to get it done and they will. And because they are now making progress, they think you’re a terrific coach.

Which you are, by the way!

Do you see how easy this can be?

True, you do need to know something about online marketing and hopefully have some experience and profits to show for your efforts.

But the real value you bring to your coaching clients isn’t so much the ‘know-how,’ which is readily available online, but the ability to tell them to go ahead with their plans and to hold them accountable.

It’s a great side business that can potentially pay you more than your regular business, and you’ll never run out of clients.



Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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