Perfectionism Kills Online Business / Ish-ism Saves It

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If you find yourself procrastinating in your business, perhaps it’s time to embrace “ish-ism”.

You know the kind of procrastination I mean.

“I can’t get started because I’m not good enough and it won’t be perfect.”


“I can’t do this / finish this / launch this because I’ve only edited it six times and maybe I missed something.”

Reality check: You already know that nothing – NOTHING – is perfect.

And yet we have this deep seated belief instilled in us during childhood that unless what we do is ‘perfect’, then we are not enough.

Perfectionism poses as a friend, telling us to work harder to ace the test, score 100 on the essay and do our very best.

But when you strive for perfectionism and you don’t achieve it, then you’re the worst.

People who got straight A’s in school, what happened that ONE time you got an A-? Or even ~~~GASP~~~ a B+??

You probably felt awful, like the worst failure in the world.

But what if, instead of striving for perfectionism, you strove for “Ish?”

“Ish” is the magical suffix that allows you to move forward and accomplish stuff.

You keep your desk cleanISH.

You eat healthyISH.

You exercise regularlyISH.

You’re giving yourself permission to be imperfect in everything, including and especially your business.

If you can strive to have all of your products, sales funnels, web pages, emails and so forth to be greatISH or even just goodISH, then you’ll have room to be breathe. You’ll find it’s easier to start things, easier to work on things and most of all easier to finish things. You’ll get far more done, and that practice will make you better at doing these things next time, too.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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