$100 a Day Flipping Insanely Simply Sites

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While this isn’t something I’ve tried, I’ve seen others doing it for years so it must be working like gangbusters.

You’re likely already aware of the concept of building a full website with sales funnel, sending traffic to it, making sales to show it works and then selling the website as a proven money maker, right?

This is something far simpler than that.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised this works so well. But I’ve been watching people do this over and over again, so I know it’s working.

They’re building one page websites (one page!!) and selling them at auction for $100 to $300 or more.

And they’re sometimes building several of these in a week or even in a day.

Here’s how it works, or at least how I think it works. Mind you, I’ve never done this myself, but you don’t have to be a detective to figure this one out:

First you find a paid service geared towards online marketers. It could be a website offering to write packages of articles, do SEO, build websites or whatever. Ideally you want a service that is extremely reasonable in price, and frankly these aren’t hard to find.

It can be any service that is bought and paid for online, using basic information and contact details. For example, if the service writes packages of 50 articles, the information collected would be the niche for the articles and where to send them when they’re finished.

Let’s say the article writing service offers 3 packages: $35 for 10 articles, $70 for 25 articles and $120 for 50 articles.

You would then create your own one page website which might even look quite similar to the original page. Insert three buttons for the three options, but increase the prices to perhaps $55, $100 and $175. The buttons don’t actually link to anything at this point.

Buy a domain name, make the site look professional with a nice layout and good headline and bullet points, and then put it up for sale on Flippa or someplace similar.

Remember there is no need to show stats, sales, traffic hits, SEO and so forth with these because none of that applies.

Instead, you talk about – and this is the important bit – the potential of the website to make sales. Explain that all the buyer needs to do is make the buttons active to pay into their account, take the payments and customer details, and pass the information on to the real service for fulfillment.

They get to keep the difference in price.

The buyers are likely newbies looking for a way to get started online. And the sites most definitely do have the potential to make money if the buyers send the right traffic to them.

You don’t reveal the real service until they’ve purchased the site.

The site buyer then acts like a middleman, much like Amazon or Walmart on a much smaller scale and earns money from every sale.

You can make multiples of these sites, using basically the same website template and the same copy to sell the site.

Choose a different URL each time and sell the sites one at a time on each of the website flipping sites. Do this with one vendor or several, build one website a day or 5 a day or whatever.

This can be a great part time income for not much work, and it can act as a stepping-stone to building complete, proven sales sites that fetch four and five figures, too. Or just stick with these small sites if you’re more comfortable – either way, it’s a nifty idea.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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