Sick of Zoom? Try Clubhouse – IF You Can Wrangle an Invite

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Some people are speculating that Clubhouse might be the next major social media platform.

But what is Clubhouse?

It’s an audio app that allows people to listen to or actively participate in live discussions online.

Think Zoom without video and without recording. Also, there is no private messaging and no written comments.

You enter a room and start listening to the conversation. Or you have the option of raising your hand and possibly being called up on stage to join the discussion.

Contribute to the conversation and you could be made into a moderator, which allows you to call others up on the stage.

Or you can start your own conversation and see who shows up.

If this sounds like a free-for-all, it’s not. When you’re on-stage you’re expected to mute yourself until you have something important to share, or until you’re called on.

Rooms (conversations) can run for hours and possibly even days with multiple moderators. There’s no requirement to participate; you can simply listen in as you would a podcast.

So, what are they talking about in these rooms? They’re sharing stories, collaborating, bouncing ideas of each other and teaching.

Who’s participating? Anyone with an invitation: Entrepreneurs, business elites, professionals, coaches, celebrities, investors, trainers, CEOs, moguls… the list goes on.

How do you get an invitation? Ahhh, there’s the tricky part. Someone already in Clubhouse has to invite you, and their number of invites is limited.

Don’t have an invitation? You might still get in if you download the app and set up your account. If someone who knows you is notified in-app, they can grant you access.

Is there a downside? Yes. It’s been reported that Clubhouse has a lack of content moderation, sometimes resulting in abuse and hate speech. Hopefully they’re working on that.

7 Things You Need to Know about Clubhouse

1: It’s truly viral. When someone you follow jumps on a stage, the app tells you in real time. One click on the notification and you instantly join the room to listen in on what’s happening.

As your network in Clubhouse grows, it’s possible to start a room and have hundreds of people almost magically appear.

2: No grooming needed. Is your room a mess? Do you look like you just dragged yourself out of bed? It doesn’t matter because Clubhouse is audio only – no video.

You can also listen in no matter where you are – on the bus, in the grocery store, in the bathroom – it doesn’t matter.

3: Personal engagement and social media voyeurism in one. Do you want to chat with people and share ideas? You can. Or do you want to silently listen in on their thoughts, successes, failures and insights? You can do that, too.

4: You can use it as a testing ground. Do you have an idea for a book / product / business / whatever and want to see what others think? Take it to Clubhouse and you’ll get immediate reactions and feedback.

5: Anyone can have a voice. Unlike some platforms, here everyone who wants to speak out, can. Clubhouse levels the playing field because it’s not so much WHO you are but what you KNOW and share with the room.

6: You can build business connections. If you’ve been to a conference, you know the real networking happens in the hallways. With Clubhouse, people who like the value you bring to the platform can check out your Twitter or Instagram account and have a conversation with you there.

7: You can curate content. While recording and transcribing conversations in Clubhouse rooms without every participant’s permission is an absolute no-no, there is a way around this policy. When you start a new room, add your intentions to record and transcribe to the room’s public title and description. This alerts everyone who chooses to enter that you may use what you gather for your own content purposes.

If you can snag an invitation to Clubhouse then I heartily suggest you do so. My first time on Clubhouse turned into a three-hour marathon of online marketing techniques that resulted in 9 pages of notes and 3 new ideas I’m putting to work right now. Clubhouse is definitely worth a look.

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