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The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

If you want to understand Google’s ranking factors, you need this.

The chart provides an overview of the factors that affect search engine rankings. But there’s a lot more to the table, because it also explains the reasoning behind specific factors.

SEM Rush

A tool for competitor research, this tool shows you the organic keywords that your competitors are ranking for and also reveals the ad’s keywords for any site that you specify.

Open Site Explorer

This is a SEO and SEM tool that will help you explore any site. You can use it to find link building opportunities and to find out where you’re being mentioned on the web.

Quick Sprout

This is an SEM tool that’s designed to help both B2B and B2C marketers improve their search and social media traffic.


This search engine optimization and marketing tool is great if you want to know how to get more Google search traffic.

Remove’em Ratios

A unique online marketing tool that predicts how many low-quality links and over-optimized anchor texts you should remove, if you’re experiencing issues with your ranking.

FeedTheBot Page Speed

This tests your site for speed related issues and tells you how to improve. It can help make your site insanely fast, which is crucial. 47% of your customers will leave if a web page doesn’t load in 2 seconds or less.

36 Online Video Tools for Simple Video Creation, Editing and YouTube Management

Eyeballs are getting harder and harder to grab, especially on Facebook, where the auto-play feature has completely changed the landscape of the platform, both on desktop and mobile.

Right now, video is the most engaging Facebook format. Uploading 60-90 second, funny, evergreen videos with captions and short text introductions is one of the most successful tactics to slow down scrolling on the app. A good video usually stops consumers for about 23 second – enough to grab their attention, at least. Video is also preferred on mobile Twitter.

It’s clear potential customers want to watch online videos. But how do we create them?

Marketing Lessons Learned from 16 Years of Building Moz

The lessons Rand has learned from building and growing Moz are almost old enough to drive. From marketing flywheels versus growth hacks, to product launch timing, to knowing your audience intimately, Rand shares his best advice from a decade and a half of marketing Moz in today’s edition of Whiteboard Friday.

Mobile Ad Spending to Surpass TV in 2018

Nearly half of US paid media ad spending will go to digital channels.

Better Late Than Never: Instant Messaging

Here’s why you should finally add instant messaging to your marketing mix.

Amazon Hits 100 Million Paid Prime Subscribers

According to Jeff Bezos, the e-commerce giant exceeded 100 million paid Prime subscribers and will continue to invest in meeting “ever-rising” customer expectations.

Do you have your books and other products on Amazon yet? It’s where you’ll find a lot of your customers.

Most Cryptocurrency Startups Still Alive After 12 Months

The new landscape for startups using invented cryptocurrencies to raise funds for their project is either a success or a failure. It all depends on how you look at it.

How to Start Your Own Cryptocurrency – a Beginner’s Guide

Want to be certain you’ll make money in crypto? The answer might be to start your own…

Social Media: 6 Keys to Distributing Content and Gaining Customers

As an online marketer, you might not be enamored by social media. Sure, you’ve got accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter that an assistant or a member of your marketing team maintains, but you’re not too active there personally. You don’t have many followers, but you don’t mind; you have bigger things to worry about than who’s reading your tweets.

Crypto Founder Creates Panic: “Thanks Guys! Over and Out!”

Yassin Hankir, the founder of a cryptocurrency startup savedroid, created panic among his investors after he tweeted a picture of himself at the airport and later, him holding a beer at a beach saying, “Thanks guys! Over and out”.

Funny? Not so much…

Google and Twitter Pressed to Follow Facebook into Senate Hearings

The CEOs of Google and Twitter may be next to follow Mark Zuckerberg into a gauntlet of congressional hearings.

Senate Commerce Chairman John Thune said he’s considering another public hearing on data privacy and spoke with representatives of Alphabet Inc.’s Google this week, suggesting the company send CEO Sundar Pichai to answer questions.

Are Below the Fold Ads More Engaging?

Conventional wisdom would say that an ad that is above the fold would be more effective than one that a user won’t see unless they actively scroll down the page. New research from ad tech company Sovrn seems to suggest that the opposite may actually be true.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
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