The One Email that Instantly Gets Clients

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Ooohhh, I’m going to burn for this one, but I just could not resist.

Let me say right now, before we go any further… there is no one email that instantly gets clients.

There are, however, plenty of emails that start a relationship that gets you a client or maybe lots of clients and even clients for life.

And there is a technique – which I will reveal in a moment – that nets you tons of new clients without ever cold emailing or cold calling anyone.

Let’s talk dating for just a moment…

Imagine you’re a guy walking into a coffee shop. You see the woman of your dreams. You walk right up to her and you say, “Would you like to have sex?”

What do you suppose are the odds that she will say yes? Not nearly as good as the odds that she will pepper spray your face and call the police.

But if you walk up to that same woman and ask if you can buy her a coffee… your chances of success have just risen astronomically.

Wooing a new client is no different. If you send an email that says, “I can totally turn around your crappy business and make you a million bucks by next year if you just pay me $5,000 a month,” you’ll get no response.

Well, you will get some spam complaints, but that’s about it.

But if you use your email to open a conversation as a means to build a relationship, you can potentially have great success.

When you email prospects out of the blue, be sure to pick a subject they are very interested in, and start a dialog.

It’s all about creating relationships that are strong enough for people to trust you and perhaps even refer you to their friends.

It takes time. There are almost no, “One call closes” anymore – not since 10 or perhaps 20 years ago.

People have choices now. The person who calls out of the blue is seen only as someone trying to sell something; not a friend who stands ready to help.

You want to be the friend, not the cold calling sales person. This means going on a few ‘dates’ first, building the relationship, and letting them know what you’ve been able to do for others.

Now then, here is a sure-fire way to get business, and it doesn’t involve you cold emailing anyone.

Instead, you’re going to create a powerful lead magnet and distribute it through partner businesses. Your lead magnet and offer combined is a free giveaway to your partner business’s clients.

The offer is something simple, such as, “Call me for more information,” or “Call me to schedule a free analysis” or, (my favorite) “$500 in free services when you call by this date.”

Who are these ‘partner businesses?’ This will depend on what services you are offering. Ideally, they are businesses that are not in competition with you, but service your ideal customers.

Your lead magnet should be full of great information on what your clients need to do to achieve the results that they seek. But it should not tell them HOW to do it. For that, they need to contact you.

And of course you have captured the email address of every person who downloaded your free lead magnet. This allows you to continue to build relationships with all of them and eventually turn many of them into clients.

I’ve seen this method bring in over 10,000 new people to an email list within a week, result in over $100,000 in sales the first month. Yes, it’s that powerful.

And you never need to cold call anyone!



Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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