Why Your New Subscriber Didn’t Receive Your Download Link

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You get a new subscriber, but they don’t receive your confirmation email. Or maybe they get that one, but they don’t get the next email with the download link.

Was it your fault?

Probably not.

Online marketers email a lot.

And we’re used to a handful of people being jerks – subscribing, grabbing the freebie and then complaining we’ve spammed them.

But email reputation works both ways these days, and someone who does that is hurting themselves more than you.

CRMs track email addresses that cry ‘spam’ when they have clearly opted into a list and given their permission to receive emails.

And this data is shared across many platforms. This means when the problem subscriber tries to opt into a list in the future, their email address may be immediately labeled as undeliverable or a spam complainer. They won’t get the confirmation email and they’ll never know why.

That’s email karma in action.

These spam complainers are burning their bridges in another way, too. When they try to connect with someone, that influencer can look them up and see this person made a bogus spam complaint.

Do you think any influencer is going to reply to someone like that? No way.

Whether it’s social media or good old email, the internet never forgets.

Fortunately, most subscribers are good people who WANT to hear from you, so be sure to email them often and stay in touch, lest they forget you and the products you offer.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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