The Simple Keyword Hack that Brings Tons of Traffic

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You might think the best way to enjoy organic traffic is to rank for new keywords. But if you’re already ranking for a keyword – any keyword – then I’ve got a simple trick for you that can potentially bring in a ton of new traffic. And best of all, it’s pretty darn easy to do.

You’re going to look at the keywords you already rank for, and then you’re going to find the long tail variations of those keywords and rank for those, too.

For example, if you rank for “Best hotel rate” then without a lot of work you can also rank for, “Best hotel rate Miami,” “Best hotel rate Chicago,” “Best hotel rate London” and so forth.

Or if you’re currently ranking for “organic gardening”, you can also rank for “Organic tomato gardening” “organic flower gardening” “organic vegetable gardening” and others.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to Ubersuggest and type in your domain name.

You’re going to see something called Top Pages.

These are all the pages driving your traffic, as well as the keywords that are driving your rankings.

Now, go over to Google Search Console and login.

Again, this is going to show you the terms you’re ranking for right now.

Got it? Good.

Go back to your Ubersuggest window and type in the exact phrases you rank for. Ubersuggest will now show you the keyword ideas report that gives you the long tail variations of the keywords you already rank for.

You already rank for your initial keyword you typed in, and now you’ve got lots of other similar long tail terms that make up a lot of potential traffic for you.

Each one of these long tail keywords will likely have only a fraction of the traffic you get from each of your main keywords. But when you add it all up, it’s potentially a ton of new traffic that you can now tap into. It could even be more traffic than you’re getting now, effectively doubling your organic search traffic or better.

Now then, take your new long tail keywords and go to the page that’s ranking for the initial keyword. Adjust your content to include the new terms. This will probably mean re-writing your content, but it’s worth it.

Your article is going to turn into a deep dive of the topic so that it naturally incorporates all of the terms you want to rank for.

Back to that article on organic gardening… now you’re going to have a section on organic tomato gardening, organic vegetable gardening, organic flower gardening and so forth.

People won’t need to read anything else on organic gardening because you cover everything in one place.

You’ll find that after you do this, the page will rank higher in Google for all of these long tail variations. Give it about a month or so to see results.

Remember, once you rank for the main term, it’s easy to rank for these long tail variations, too.

Use this simple hack and watch your traffic double.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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