The Internet Marketer’s Lifestyle

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Successful internet marketers are often known to brag about their lifestyles, yet it is no surprise that they’ve better lives than many people who are stuck in 9-5 day jobs and working at low-oxygen cubicles.

If you want to take a step and start an online business while working from home, it may be a good idea to make an informed-decision and knowing about the advantages:

  1. You can work anywhere you want.

 While it is usually referred as a “work-at-home” business, you’ll work anywhere you want. And this portability advantage is one of the greatest aspects of being an internet marketer.

  • You can work in any place within your house. (Quite obvious, but many day jobs won’t let you to decide where will you be working or even the kind of chair you’ll be sitting on.)
  • You don’t need to commute. (Not only means less time spent on the road, but it also means lowering your costs as you won’t be spending any extra money for gasoline or public transportation.)
  • You can work at the beach/park on a sunny day. (At least for a few hours, as long as your laptop battery permits.)
  • You can work at a coffee shop. (Maybe not the most productive place to work, but if you like being surrounded with people, you may try this.)
  • You can work even miles away from your home. (All you need is an internet connection.)

Overall advantages of being able to work anywhere you want is even more obvious when thought along with the next advantage.


  1. You can work anytime you want.

Business is a business, and you need to devote some hours of your day for your online business. Yet, being an internet marketer gives you the opportunity to set your own working hours.

Being able to set your own hours is a multi-dimensional advantage and comes with some extra flexibility, like being able to:


  • Work at your most productive hours. (You may enjoy working at night, when it is silent and nobody is around to disturb you.)
  • Work when internet is faster. (Your research time and/or upload tasks may get significantly shorter.)
  • Take care of your children, parents, pets or family in general. (They’ll be in the next room or right in front of your eyes. And in cases like illnesses, you’ll pay your full attention to them. Or you’ll prefer to homeschool your children.)
  • Shop when lines are smaller and goods are fresher. (Most people have no other chance than running their errands on lunch times, late afternoons or weekends.)
  • Buy things or attend events at lower costs. (Most shops apply discounts at low-traffic hours of the day.)

Of course, all this requires you to be self-motivated and you need to stick to your own schedule; however you would not get any of these benefits while working for someone else at a day job, would you?


  1. You can set your own pace.

As an internet marketer (or online business owner, if you prefer to call it that way) you are the driving force of your business. It comes with its own responsibilities, along with the privilege to:


  • Choose any project you want. (You’ll work on projects that you like the most and even fire bad clients if you’re freelancing.)
  • Earn as much as you work. (In most day jobs, there is no direct correlation between how much you work and what you get paid. However, being an internet marketer gives you the opportunity to work as much or less as you want, and get direct results. And with time or proper guidance, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your time.)


Conclusion: This reminds me of… FREEDOM.

Even though I carefully chose not to use that magical word till now, each and every advantage and benefit of being an internet marketer and doing your own online business is attached to “freedom.”

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
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