How to Find Customized Keywords You Can Easily Rank For

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If you want to rank for a competitive term like “health insurance”, then you’d better be good at SEO and have a lot of time and patience to make it happen.

But if you choose less competitive keywords, you might be able to rank for them in just days with a minimum of effort.

These are still keywords that will drive traffic and sales, and you can find them using Ubersuggest.

Now to be clear, how long it takes you to rank for any keyword is going to depend on several factors, including the domain authority, current organic traffic level and age of your website.

But regardless of all that, odds are there are still some keywords that will be fairly easy to rank for, if you know how to find them.


Go to Ubersuggest and type in a keyword related to your niche. Click on ‘search’.

You’ll see an overview of the keyword. It’s going to tell you how many people search for this keyword each month, and it will break down how many people search on mobile and on desktop devices.

Next step: In the left hand navigation, click on ‘keyword ideas’.

Now you’re going to see a report listing keywords, volumes and so forth. These are the keywords that are similar to the keyword you typed in. you’ll also see tabs that show more keyword ideas.

But you want to look for and click the button that says, “Page 1 Ranking Potential.”

Enter your domain and you’ll see the keywords you can rank for.

How awesome is that?

Once you have the list, look for keywords with traffic greater than 100, with a high cost per click, low SEO difficulty and that are relevant to your site.

Ideally you want keywords people are looking for, that convert well (hence the high cost per click) that are easy to rank for and bring you traffic that wants what you offer.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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