This Netflix Trick has Viewers Binge Watching Your Recorded Webinars

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You send out an email to your list promoting your webinar replay. Of course, you might not call it a webinar replay because some people don’t want to sit through a recording that lasts for an hour or two.

They like what they read in the email.

They click over to the page with the replay.

They like the copy on that page… “This is interesting! Maybe I want to buy this… hmmm… let me click on this video…”


“Two hours long??”

“No way.”

They close the page.

And you just lost them.


What happened?

They liked what you said in the email.

They really liked what you said on the page.

But when they clicked the video and saw how long it was going to be, they abandoned ship.

How can you fix this?

A couple of thoughts…

First, tell them what they’re going DISCOVER in the video. Sell the video, not the product.

Let them know the video is chock full of awesome, usable information. Invoke a strong sense of curiosity as well as the feeling they will miss out if they don’t watch it.

You might think of this step like a movie trailer… showing just enough of all the best bits to rivet them to the screen and make them drool for more.

Second, don’t make the video two hours long.

Or even one hour long.

Make it about 10 minutes in length.

“Wait! I can’t sell my program in 10 minutes!”

You don’t have to because you’re going to use more than one video.

Here’s the key…

In the first video, hit the ground running and immediately give them something great such as a huge benefit and what they need to do to achieve it. Leave out the step-by-step instructions of how to do it because you’ll teach that in the paid course.

Then tell them what you’re going to reveal next…

And here you can either use a script that automatically brings up the second video, or if you’re not that fancy, give them the link.

The end of the first video sells them on watching the second video.

The end of the second video sells them on watching the third video.

They are binge watching your videos, something they are accustomed to thanks to streaming services like Netflix.

In each video, gently let them know that as great as this information is, paid members get the mother lode of life-changing or business-changing info.

Using this method has a couple of advantages…

You are hyper aware that every second of video needs to either convey great info or sell them on watching the next video. You don’t allow yourself the business-killing luxury of bring boring.

And the viewer gets pulled in bit by bit, much like a seduction. Done right, there’s no way they want to miss what’s in the next video.

Throughout the process, viewers are being courted into purchasing your product.

Give it a try… I think your conversions will increase dramatically.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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