How to Choose an Affiliate Offer to Promote

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There are plenty of keys that will determine whether you’ll make a nice chunk of change with your affiliate marketing efforts. One of the bigger keys, however, rests with you choosing the right product to promote.

Now, for the purpose of this article I’m going to focus on information products, particularly those sold through

Read on to discover my five tips for choosing good affiliate offers to promote…


  1. Look for bestsellers.

The easiest money you’ll ever make is by promoting something that your market is already buying. If it’s a proven seller for others, then it will be a proven seller for you too. That’s why you need to focus on bestsellers.

Generally, you can find bestsellers in Clickbank’s marketplace by either running a search for your niche keywords (like “bodybuilding”) OR by browsing the relevant product categories.

Either way, those products which appear at the top of the results are the most popular, bestselling products. And those are usually the ones you should consider promoting.

Example: TIP: Depending on how you intend to promote the products, you may not want to choose the MOST popular product. That’s because you’ll have a lot of competition with a lot of other affiliates.


  1. Read the product.

Yes, you need to review the product to make sure it’s a good, solid product that provides a good value to customers.

Ask yourself: Would you promote a product like this to your best friend? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t be promoting it at all.


  1. Research the vendor.

That’s right, you want to make sure that the vendor has a good reputation – not only among customers and prospects, but also among his affiliates and business partners, too. To find out, just go to Google and run a search for the vendor’s name, website, product name and other identifying information.


  1. Consider your profits.

How much money you can potentially make with a product shouldn’t be your first priority. Instead, your primary concern should be whether the product can solve your prospect’s problems. However, if you find several products that fit the bill, then you can look at the price and commission rates to determine which of the top products will put the most money in your pocket.


  1. Check the website.

Your last step is to check the sales letter and the site itself to make sure you won’t have a commission leak problem.

Here are red flags to look for:

Alternative payment options which don’t give you credit for the sale. This includes other online payment options (like Google Checkout on a product) as well as invitations to the prospects to call a toll-free number to order.

  • Unnecessary links to other web pages. Privacy policies, terms of service, payment buttons and similar links are ok, but be wary if you see links to affiliate pages, other products, etc.
  • Upsells that remove the affiliate ID. Go through the order process, paying particular attention to any upsell offers. Check this: If the customer takes advantage of the upsell offer, does the affiliate still get credit for the original purchase? If not, avoid that vendor as he’s trying to cut affiliates out of the deal.

And there you have it: Five steps to choosing a great product.

Get started today and get started profiting soon!

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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