Forget Text: AirChat Lets You Talk to Your Network

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A newly launched social media app called AirChat is shaking things up by ditching the keyboard and embracing the power of voice. Think of it as a fusion of Twitter’s familiar feed with the live discussions of Clubhouse, but with a twist: Everything is asynchronous.

When you speak your post, AirChat’s clever AI transcribes it on the fly. Your followers can then scroll through their feed, listening to your voice alongside the text. It feels more like a natural conversation than the one-way blasts of traditional social media.

But unlike the pressure of live Clubhouse rooms, AirChat lets you take your time. Don’t like your first recording? No worries, just re-record. For those who love sending voice notes to friends or podcasting, AirChat will feel like a breath of fresh air. It’s social media that finally embraces the power and ease of voice communication.

Okay, that was the commercial for Airchat, and I have to say it sounds pretty good.

But Social Media Today is not impressed by the app:

It looks good, it looks smooth, and full credit to the team that put it together, as it incorporates a lot of elements of other successful platforms (Clubhouse, Twitter) into a neat, stylish package.

But it’s not going to catch on at significant scale.


Because most people don’t want to have to use their voice to create content, and people can already do the same, on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok, in more popular creation formats.

As always, time will tell. Still, if and when you can finagle an invite to join Airchat, grab it. If it turns out to be the next big social network, you’ll be glad you were an early user.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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