Three Profit-Pulling Ways to Combine PLR Content and Blogging

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When you get pressed for time, sometimes your blogging is the first task to fall through the cracks. You figure you’ll make a blog post later in the week. “Later in the week” becomes next week. And before you know it, weeks have gone by, you haven’t made any posts, and your blog is turning into a ghost town.

Sound familiar?

The problem is time. And while we can’t tack on more hours in a day, there is a way to make it faster and easier for you to load your blog with new posts. Specifically, by using PLR (private label rights) content to make new posts.

And that’s not all. Not only can you use this content to post to your blog, you can also use it to drive traffic to your site and grow your readers and RSS subscribers!

Here are three ways to combine PLR content and blogging:

  1. Grow Your Blog Using PLR Content

This the idea I mentioned above. Namely, you rewrite PLR content and post it to your blog.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. First, you can find PLR articles and rewrite them. You do this by rewriting the introduction and the conclusion completely. You can leave the body of the article mainly intact, with the exception of adding in your own tips, examples, stories, analogies and similar.
  2. The second way to create blog posts from PLR content is to take excerpts out of ebooks, reports and similar content. In this case, you need to write an introduction and conclusion. Then rewrite the body of your article as mentioned above.


  1. Promote Your Blog Using PLR Content

Here’s how this method works: You combine PLR articles to create a report whose purpose is to drive traffic back to your site. Because you want members of your market to pass this report around to others, you may consider making this report extremely useful, controversial or perhaps funny.

Example: You’ve probably seen those reports called, “[Topic] is Dead!” such as, “AdSense is Dead!” or “Email Marketing is Dead!” The bold titles themselves stir controversy, as those making money using those methods are going to object. As such, people talk about these reports on forums, on social networks, on blogs and elsewhere. And naturally, all links in the report point back to the author’s blog.

You can do this with any almost any topic. Just think of what your blog promotes, and then think of what topic competes with the topic.

Example: Traditional housetraining competes with “litter training” puppies. So if your blog is about litter training puppies, you might write a report called, “Traditional Housetraining is Dead” or “Here’s Why Savvy Dog Owners Don’t Housetrain Their Puppies.”

Next, find PLR articles on the topic, rewrite them as discussed above, and compile them into a free report. Add links pointing back to your blog and then distribute the report. Drop your report on niche forums, tell your social networks about it, blog about it, tell your list about it, ask your JV partners to distribute it and use other traditional promotional methods.


  1. Build Your List Using PLR Content

This method starts the same as the last one. Namely, you use PLR articles to create a free report. However, instead of distributing your free report to anyone who clicks the download button, here’s another idea: Give it away ONLY to those who subscribe to your mailing list.

Bonus Tip: You can use PLR articles and other PLR content to create an initial autoresponder series too!

There you have it – three ways to use PLR content to grow your blog.

Now there’s only one thing left for you to do – take action!

Get your hands on some PLR content, rewrite it and distribute it using one of the three methods you just discovered… and enjoy watching your traffic grow.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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