4 Super-Profitable Joint Venture Secrets

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OK, so there are more than four secrets of creating super-successful joint ventures! I know that. You know that. But what we all want to know is quick-and-easy techniques we can just drop into our deals and see our profits increase as a result. Am I right? So, in this article, I will let you in on four great secrets that will make your deals much more profitable.

Super-Profitable Secret One

Encourage JV partners (or even prospective partners) to link to your website, if you have one.

Why? Well, when a website that has excellent traffic and is ranked well by the search engines has an exit link to your site your search ranking goes up … and up…. and UP!

You see, most engines – especially the all-important Google – use the link popularity of a website to help them decide how to rank it. They work on the simple logic that if someone is searching the Internet for a particular thing the best sites on the subject are probably those that lots of other people want to link to. And many search engines weight the links by how much traffic the site that has your link on it is getting too.

So, when you have many sites linking to yours your search engine ranking improves dramatically. In fact, a link from a busy site really can supercharge your sales even if you haven’t done a JV with them yet. It literally is like getting FREE EXTRA MONEY, and it’s crazy not to take it up! (have you set up a link to your site from Nick-James.com yet… and vice versa?)

Super-Profitable Secret Two

Use a ‘pop-up-on-exit’ window.

A pop-up-on-exit window opens when a visitor leaves your site. This way, if they haven’t bought first time you can use the pop up window to collect their details. Then send them more information, a free report, a free e-zine or offer them a different product or service …. whatever you like …. in future. Quite simply, it gives you lots of bites at the sales cherry.

Techie Tip : A pop-up-on-exit window is usually a Java script that creates a window when a visitor leaves your site.

Super-Profitable Secret Three

Put together a JV-CV!

One successful JV deal can be used to lure more and more partners into bigger and better joint ventures with you. So always keep a CV containing all the details of past and current joint venture efforts and references from your partners, with their contact info. If you have this when you go looking for bigger and better JV partners you’ll have something that can actually prove to them how serious and professional you are.

Here’s what should be in your JV-CV:

 Name of your product.
 Website address for your product.
 Pricing details for your product.
 Stats on sales conversion ratios obtained (eg. 7 sales out of every 100 visitors).
 Sales figures for past and current partners.
 Total sales figures and stats.
 List of past/current JV partners and their contact info.
 List of other products you have available for JV’s.

Each time you conclude a successful JV deal pop it onto your CV and mention it in your initial contact letter to new prospective JV partners. If they can actually see you’ve just participated in one successful deal they take your offer much more seriously.

Super-Profitable Secret Four

Participate in reverse/reciprocal JV deals.

This one is simple! Really it’s so obvious, but would you believe most people never think of it? Don’t forget that, once you get a decent-sized e-mail list of your own, you can become a JV partner for someone else’s product or service.

Go out and look for other companies with good products and services that you can sell to your customers.

It’s really that easy. Just switch round all the techniques and secrets I’ve told you about so far and use them to sell someone else’s product or service to your list!

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
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