The Sneaky Trick to Getting Heavy Hitter Affiliates to Promote Your Products

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Let’s say you’ve got a new product out and it’s performing spectacularly. It’s converting at 10% or better, the earnings per click are through the roof, and the upsells are doing fantastic, too.

Now you’re in position to contact MAJOR joint venture partners and affiliates and get them on board to promote your product, right?

After all, these heavy hitters want to promote stuff that makes them serious money, and you’ve already proven that your product can do just that.

Plus, even just one of these joint ventures can potentially put some very serious coin in your own pocket.

Of course your next step is to send out JV emails announcing your conversion rate, earnings per click and so forth.

You let these potential affiliates know you’ve got great swipe emails, banners, a product that is unlike any other and endorsements from your current affiliates, too.

You’ve got it all, and you’re offering these big time affiliates the chance to make a LOT of money.

Naturally, they bust down your door and promote your product until the cows come home, right?

Actually, no.

Despite having all of the key ingredients in place along with a proven track record to make these affiliates money, very few of them will respond to your email.

Just what is it you’re supposed to do to get their attention? Knock on their door in a clown suit toting a live chicken and dancing the Charleston on skates balancing 22 spinning plates on your nose?

Come to think of it, that might work. But there is an easier way…

Let’s first look at what happens when your email lands in a potential affiliate’s inbox:

Your email does in fact arrive.

And the affiliate does in fact see it.


Affiliates are like everybody else – lazy.

Sure, they can see they will make money with your promotion. They might even intend to promote it.

But they just never get around to it.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and imagine you have a large, responsive list. Every time you promote a product to your list, you make $500, or $2,000, or maybe even $5000.

This is your normal state of business and oddly enough you don’t even get excited about it anymore.

Everyday, you see sales coming into your accounts from continuity products, coaching, affiliate promos, your own products and so forth.

The money is flowing like a river during spring thaw without you lifting a finger.

Which is why the thought of reading a review copy, cuing up a swipe, customizing it with the affiliate link and personal touches, logging into Aweber, pasting and formatting the whole thing and then sending it out just seems like too much work.

You know you should do it. And you think you will do it. Later.

But of course, later never comes because you get distracted with other things.

It might sound strange if you’re not already making $1000 or more per day from your own list, but this really is how a lot of the big affiliates operate.

They’ve gotten big and fat and yes, a little bit lazy.

Not to mention the fact that they get 4 or 5 of these requests every single day.




It’s hard to feel sorry for someone earning $30,000 a month from their list, but this promotion lethargy does happen with some marketers.

Fortunately, there is a way to greatly increase your odds of getting your products promoted.

Here’s what you do:

Realize the affiliate doesn’t care about your product; she cares about the return she gets for the emails she sends. Some marketers would promote a course on how to blow up the world if there was enough profit in it for them. (Okay, yes, that was harsh. But true.)

Your product is only one out of dozens she’ll hear about this week. Blending in with all the others will kill your odds of getting promoted which is why you’ve got to do something different – provide the affiliate with a solution to her problem.

What’s her problem?

She has to decide what email to send that day and then do all the legwork to make it happen. But now you’re going to do as much of this for her as possible.

When you contact her via email, IM, Skype or however, do NOT ask for the promotion. Instead, tell her that you’ve got a ready-to-go promotion for her mailing schedule next week if she hasn’t already filled it.

Hopefully you’re on her mailing list and you know how she likes to do her emails. Provide a swipe email custom-tailored to her audience and written in her voice. Insert her affiliate link into it, too.

Provide her with a review copy and all of the data in easy-to-read format: Earnings per click, conversion rate, commissions, etc.

Let her know who else has promoted your product, too.

Doing these things will make your email stand completely apart from all the rest and it will get read.

The key is to take the inertia out of it for her and to make her realize she has to do almost nothing to profit from promoting your offer.  By doing this you stand apart from all the other product promoters contacting her. You let her know your promo will make her money and it is ready to go and can slot into her schedule next week.

And you get the promotion, the sales, the new business relationship and yes, the profit, too.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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