Stupid Simple 30 Second YouTube ‘Video’ Gets 81K Views

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Maybe we’re overthinking this whole video thing.

It can take days to make a high-quality video, but even then there is no guarantee anyone will watch it.

Or you can do what this guy did: Take one photograph, add music and a title and post it.

No script. No voice over. No nothing but a photo and generic elevator music.

It’s called, “Gentle Understanding Cat” and as of this writing it has 82,000 views and 303 comments.

Even the creator is surprised, as he writes, “Damn this blew up. Please check out my other content with actual effort put into it.”

I did check them out, and his other videos have just 5 to 46 views each.

Then there’s YouTuber Charlotte Dobre. All she does is play social media posts of Bridezillas, Karen’s and other annoying people. As the clips play, you get to watch her reactions. Whoop-de-doo. It sounds stupid, right?

Nothing against Charlotte, but her videos contain essentially no original content other than her smirky remarks (which generally aren’t witty or funny). Even she appears surprised that so many people are watching her.

Charlotte has 370K subscribers, and here are a few of her viewership numbers:

  • The Fake People of Instagram, Part 2 – 1.1M views
  • Entitled People that are on Another Level – 881K views
  • Entitled People that are on Another Level, Part 3 – 839K views
  • Entitled Brides Getting Called Out on Social Media – 626K views

Essentially, she is earning a full-time income as a YouTube partner through advertising simply by reading OTHER PEOPLE’S social media posts and adding her own reactions to it.

When it comes to your own videos, you might take stock of what you’re trying to achieve with your videos and whether or not you’re on the best path to do that. If you’re making outstanding content that no one is watching, it might be time to recalibrate your video making methods.

If nothing else, here is a trick that works wonders for providing great ‘how-to’ content to viewers and still making the video entertaining and share-worthy on social media:

Use a polar-opposite partner.

For example, if you have strong views on a topic, your partner will play the part of the ‘dummy’ on the other side of the argument.

The two of you bickering back and forth with you generally coming out on top while teaching something works wonders.

Your partner could also play the ignorant student who needs the super simple explanation to things. This makes the viewers feel smart and it’s an excellent way to come in under their resistance radar and bring them over to your way of thinking.

Don’t be afraid to be goofy, make mistakes and so forth. Today I discovered an animated series called “Suction Cup Man”.

The creator now sells a plushie Suction Cup Man doll at the end of video 4. To advertise it he uses video clips where the doll isn’t functioning as he wants it to, and it just adds to the appeal because it’s REAL.

You don’t need complicated videos. Simple is usually better. Entertaining is best. Combine the two – making it simple and entertaining, and you’ve got something.

That video you’re about to make outlining the 10 best things to know about your topic? Make it into 10 separate videos and find a way to be entertaining in each one.

The video you’re about to make to recruit affiliates to your launch? Please don’t read a script and try to look all stuffy and business-like. Be yourself. Speak from the heart about why your product rocks and how much you’re going to do for your affiliates. Be real. Make mistakes. Be goofy or silly.

Leave your ego at the door, strive for the opposite of perfection and imagine you’re talking to friends… because you are.

Maybe the best analogy for creating videos is the old KISS method: Keep it Simple, Silly.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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