How To Double Or Treble Your Internet Income Over The Months Ahead

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A short ‘to do’ list of proven ways to double or triple your Internet income in the coming months

1. Offer more products – The more products you offer, the more opportunities your customers have to buy from you.

If you only offer one product, your customers are limited to what they can purchase from you. But if you offer multiple products, customers can order multiple items – meaning larger orders, more income for you.

To offer more products, either create more products, or acquire the rights to existing products.

2. Offer higher priced packages – make it easy for customers to spend more with you by offering package deals of your most popular products. This encourages (and rewards) customers who buy the larger package – as they get more product, and a bigger savings.

And which would you rather have – 100 orders of a $44 product, or 100 orders of a $125 package?

3. Accept more payment methods – Make it easier for customers to pay you. Offer to accept credit cards and PayPal on all things you sell.

I recently began adding PayPal buttons for more of my products, and in the first month saw several thousand pounds in PayPal sales which we probably wouldn’t have gotten without PayPal.

I hate to think of the tens of thousands of dollars in sales I missed this year by not offering to accept PayPal sooner.

4. Sell in more places – Instead of selling your products just on your own web site, make an effort to get your products listed with some of the top sellers on the web. For example, get your product listed on Amazon. And eBay. And YouTube.

The more places your products are sold, the more opportunities people will have to find your products and order them.

5. Advertise in more places – Instead of just relying on search engine results, become more active in advertising your product.

Start using google adwords, YouTube, banner ads on other sites, and affiliate promotion.

The more quality ad exposure for your products, the more products you are likely to sell.

Example: You could begin including short ads for each of your product on the end of videos you upload to YouTube.

6. Include ‘back end’ offers – every product you sell should introduce your customers to other products that you offer. Since the customer most likely to buy your next product is the one who purchased your last product, it is important to you (and the customer) to let them know what other products you have.

When you ship your products to your customer, always include information about your other products.

For example, I’ve recently begun printing the customer copy of their order on the back of a sheet of paper showing all our products. We include that in the box with their order, which means as soon as the customer looks at the order, they will find out our other products.

Doing this costs close to nothing, but gives the customer a quick way to find out about other products they may be interested in.

A good start, but there is more

The above list is a good starting point to doubling or tripling your income in the coming year. But there is much more you can do.

I’ll be covering many of the other things you can do in upcoming lists like this one. All designed to help you build and boost your product development business.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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