Advanced Niching- For Max Profits

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When you enter online marketing, you’re told to pick a niche.

And you’re told that health, wealth and relationships are the big three. Pick a subniche in any of these, and you’ll likely do well.

But what if you want to do better than “well?” What if you want to dominate your market?

The first people into the big three markets had it easy, since there was ton of demand and very little competition.

Those who followed had it tougher.

And today, while the demand is still there, the competition can be brutal.


Unless you continue to niche it down.

Markets (heath, wealth, relationships) are saturated.

Sub-markets (weight loss, forex, dating) are saturated.

Which is why you’ve got to specialize even further.

Study the competition and the processes they use, and then create your own market.


Here’s how:


1: Audience and Slogan

Your first step is to choose your audience and then target them with the right slogan — a slogan that promotes change.

If you look at recent American presidential campaigns, you’ll notice a trend:

George Bush Sr’s slogan, “A Proud Tradition”


Bill Clinton’s slogan, “Time to Change America”

John McCain’s slogan, “Country First”


Barack Obama’s slogan, “Change we Need!”

Hillary Clinton’s slogan, “Fighting for Us” and “I’m With Her”


Trump’s, “Make America Great Again”

All three of these winners talked about change.

Why? People want change. They are dissatisfied, which is why they will buy into your message and your products, IF you can show them that doing so will create the change they seek.

Ask yourself what will get your tribe excited enough to follow you.


2: Setting Your Audience’s Hair on Fire

Next, issue a challenge to your audience — one that gets them fired up.

What is it that your audience wants?

To look 20 years younger and make their friends crazy jealous?

To get six-pack abs without the gym?

To strike it rich in six months with cryptocurrency?

Issue a challenge to your audience that sets them on fire with enthusiasm.


3: Create Your Tribe

By making your audience feel like they are part of a tribe, they will self-identify.

Look at the CrossFit people — they are diehard fans because they identify as part of the CrossFit tribe.

Brand your business AND your audience.


4: Create an “Us vs Them” Movement

This could be a manifesto your tribe can rally around, or an actual movement of us vs them.

If you look at American politics, you see this tactic being used every single day.


5: Don’t Improve Them — Switch Them

People don’t want to lose weight — it’s hard and they’ve already failed a bunch of times. Plus, who wants to admit they’re overweight?

But people do what a new opportunity.

So give them status. Show them how they can have a brand new billion dollar body — not just a 20 pound weight loss.

This is a new discovery for them, making it fun and exciting. Plus, they don’t have to remember the pain of all their prior failures.

Once you switch them to your brand, pile on the new opportunities within the opportunity you initially switched them to.

These steps make the difference between a $100,000 business and a million dollar business.



Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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