5 Best Money-Generating Blog Topics

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I’m going to bet you can already name these topics, but just in case, here’s the list.

1: Health

Health and fitness is growing by the minute. It’s worth billions of dollars and if you can carve out your own niche, you can be rich.

2: Money

Let’s face it: People either want money or they want more money. Saving money, making money, investing money… it’s all highly profitable for the right blogger.

3: Food

The food niche is always relevant, always in demand and guess what? Everyone eats. You can promote food related products, get sponsors and even hold your own cooking classes. Ana according to RankIQ, food bloggers consistently make the highest median income.

4: Travel

Who doesn’t dream of getting away from it all? With travel there is always something new to write about, and you can even do it while you are traveling yourself. Monetize with advertising, collaborating with brands, and promoting high-ticket affiliate programs.

5: Your passion

There are tons of other blog niches that can be monetized through affiliate products, advertising and so forth. The key is to find something you are passionate about that has an audience willing to pay for content, products or services. While you don’t need to be passionate about the niche you choose, you’ll find it is far easier to sustain your blog with great new content if you yourself find it interesting and invigorating.

I once saw someone write a little monthly newsletter on arrowheads. Just arrowheads. He also ran a blog to feed subscribers into the paid newsletter, and he made a full-time income with this because a) he loved it and b) his audience was just as passionate about the topic as he was.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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