A Multi-Purpose Lead Magnet for Nearly Any Niche

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I know that sometimes creating a lead magnet is a huge stumbling block for marketers who want to list build, so I’m going to give you your very own lead magnet here in the form of Micro Habits for Online Marketers.

You can, of course, adapt this cheat sheet to any niche you choose simply by tailoring the language a little bit.

As you know, a lead magnet is what you give away in exchange for a person’s email address to get them on your list. Your lead magnet should be something they want enough to take the time to input their email into the form.

To use this cheat sheet I’m giving you, just do the following:

1: Title your cheat sheet. Here’s a formula you can use or create your own title.

[Niche Name]: [Number] Micro Habits to Change Your Life


Gardeners: 44 Micro Habits to Change Your Life

Online Marketers: 75 Micro Habits to Change Your Life

Dentists: 35 Micro Habits to Change Your Life

2: Write out 5 to 10 broad categories for your micro habits. You can use the categories provided in this example or create your own.

3: After each category, provide 5 to 10 micro habits of 1 – 2 sentences each.

That’s it!

Here’s our example. Feel free to adapt this to you own use by changing the language, removing or inserting your own micro habits, changing formatting and so forth.


Online Marketers: XX Micro Habits to Change Your Life

Discover What Kind of Life You Want

1 Choose your goals and what you want to achieve in life.

2 Make your plan, figuring out how you will achieve those goals.

3 Take action on your goals every single day.

4 Track your progress daily because what you keep track of grows. Write down what you’re doing, what’s working, what you need to change and what you will accomplish tomorrow.

Clear the Mental Obstacles in Your Path

5 Become friends with fear and don’t let it stop you from starting and achieving your goals.

6 Build your confidence by successfully accomplishing many small steps towards your goal.

7 Become aware of any excuses you tell yourself. When you realize you’re making excuses, write them down and then burn the paper because that is not who you are.

8 Take some small action right away before you overthink things or get distracted each morning. Just taking that first step builds momentum and makes it easier to keep going from there.

9 Don’t compare yourself to others and instead be happy for others while you travel your own path and live your own life.

Start Saying “Yes” More Often

10 Say yes more often. If it’s fear that’s causing you to say no, then say yes instead. Practice saying yes for an entire week to see what happens.

11 Push out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges.

12 Do something or try something new every day.

13 Keep a log of your successes to look at when you doubt yourself.

14 Don’t take rejection and criticism personally. Instead, take it in stride and calmly listen to what other people have to say when you’re being tested or challenged in some way.

15 Don’t say no until you’ve given yourself time to think through what it is that you’re saying no to.

Train Your Brain

16 Think positively. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, turn it around and find the positive.

17 Use visualization techniques to imagine yourself having already achieved your goals. Especially do this as you are falling asleep.

18 Solve your problems by asking the right questions and then taking time to think before acting or speaking.

19 Challenge yourself to learn something new every day.

20 Every time you read something valuable, write down the three best things you learned from it, and if possible implement one of those things into your life right away.

21 Take time for yourself to relax and recharge by doing something completely different from your work.

Start Eating Better

22 Start eating better by planning your meals in advance and giving yourself appropriate sized portions.

23 Limit or eliminate high-calorie snacks like sugary candy bars, pastries, and potato chips from your diet. After a month you won’t even miss them anymore.

24 Shop on a full stomach and only purchase healthy food.

25 Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding any drink with sugar in it.

26 Avoid eating late at night.

27 Try to eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods.

28 Try intermittent fasting by not eating for a 14 to 16 hour period every 24 hours.

Get Moving

29 Get moving every day by taking walks or riding your bike to work.

30 Start with small goals that are easy for you to achieve, so you’ll have an easier time reaching the ones that follow.

31 Take a 10 minute walk each morning when you first get out of bed.

32 Stay motivated with workout videos, music playlists, or podcasts that keep you energized and excited to move more.

33 Don’t sweat the small stuff; just do your best and don’t worry about it if you can’t do every rep or set of every exercise perfectly.

34 Set a timer to get out of your chair every hour and take a 5-minute walk.

35 Take a break when you need it, and don’t feel guilty about it.

36 Celebrate your accomplishments along the way, no matter how small they may seem.

Get Organized

37 Declutter your space to get organized.

38 Stay on top of things by being tidy and cleaning up after yourself throughout the day.

39 Keep a schedule for yourself that lists things you need or want to do each day of the week and mark them off when they’re done.

40 Get a planner, a calendar, or an app to keep track of your appointments, deadlines, and events.

41 Make a list of things you need to buy at the grocery store, so you don’t have to spend time thinking about it later.

42 Sort your clothes by color, type, or season to make getting dressed in the morning easier.

43 Create a “to-do” list at the end of each day that lists everything you accomplished.

44 Get rid of clutter to make your home more comfortable and functional.

45 Form good habits by following a routine that’s easy for you to stick to.

46 Organize your thoughts and ideas by writing them down in a journal or notebook.

47 Make it a habit to do one thing each day that helps you get closer to your goals.

48 Remove distractions from your environment so you can focus on the task at hand.

49 Use labels and folders to keep your paperwork sorted and organized.

50 Make your bed at the start of each day. You’ll be surprised the difference it makes.

51 Set aside time each day to deal with tasks that you’ve been procrastinating on.

Start Saving Money

52 Stop wasting money on things you don’t need.

53 Create a budget so you can see exactly where your money is going each month.

54 Use cash instead of credit cards to limit your spending, especially if it’s not in the budget.

55 Give yourself an allowance for entertainment expenses each week or month to not overspend.

56 Make a goal to save a certain amount of money each month or year.

57 Sell things you don’t use or need anymore to make some extra cash.

58 Invest your money in a way that will help it grow over time.

59 Compare prices before you buy anything to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Build Stronger Relationships and Social Skills

60 Make an effort to socialize with people you don’t know well.

61 Smile at people, even if you don’t know them.

62 Talk to strangers sometimes; it can be a great way to get to know new people and make new


63 Offer to help someone out if they look like they’re struggling.

64 Take the time to listen to others and pay attention to what they’re saying.

65 Try to be more understanding and less judgmental.

66 Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself.

67 Let go of relationships that are toxic or draining.

68 Apologize if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings or made a mistake.

69 Ask for what you want and need in your relationships without being demanding, entitled, or burdened.

70 Be conscious of what you say to other people so that they don’t feel put down or demeaned by you.

71 Make time to spend with the people you love.

72 Try to plan at least one fun outing each month with your friends or family.

73 Introduce yourself to the people around you instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Take Care of Your Tech

74 Back up your computer files regularly, so you don’t lose important information if something happens to your device.

75 Delete programs and apps you don’t use anymore to free up your phone or computer space.

76 Keep your operating system and software up-to-date to protect yourself from security threats.

77 Turn off notifications, so you don’t get distracted by every buzz or ding that comes your way.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
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