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Google AdWords Bans Ads for Cryptocurrency

If you’re offering information about trading cryptocurrency, your AdWords days are numbered.

Starting June, 2018, Google will ban all AdWords ads for crypto exchanges, ICOs, and pretty much anything crypto.

The reason? Cryptocurrency scams. Here’s more info:

Fun and Useful Tool for Content Ideas and SEO Phrases

Type in a term – any term, and you’ll get a plethora of ideas and keyword phrases to set your mind in motion. Get ideas for your next article, blogpost, social media post and even your next product or book.

Reach Consumers Who Searched on Google…On Youtube 

Soon you’ll be able to reach people on YouTube who recently searched for your products or services on Google.

For example, an airline could reach people on YouTube who recently searched for “flights to Hawaii.”

We call this custom intent audiences. Custom intent audiences can be an effective way to move undecided customers to action using the persuasive power of video.

To get started, all you have to do is create a keyword list for your video campaign in the new AdWords experience.

More info here:

4 Concrete Ways to Use Images to Build Links

Every picture tells a story and also may help you build links. Here are four ways you can use images and visual content to build links and drive traffic.

WordPress Now Powers 30%…

…of the Top 10 Million Sites on the Web.

Not bad, considering it started in 2003 with just a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing. And at that time, it had fewer than 20 users.

Makes you think about what YOU might start, doesn’t it?

Online Learning

Need mad new skills to take your business to the next level?

Check out these course websites:

Coursera has consistently been a good resource for all things university.

Like Coursera, EDX has partnered with both universities and non-academic institutions to provide you with self-paced courses that target business areas you might want to dive into.

If your business is going to achieve what you envisioned for it, you need skills and knowledge. Udemy a ton of courses on a wide range of topics.

9 Tips to Boost Your Creativity as an Entrepreneur

Creativity is like a muscle. It must be stretched, challenged, and occasionally pushed past its comfort zone.

Now it’s time to stretch your creative muscles again.

Elon Musk Launches Satire Site: Watch This Space

Elon Musk has hired former Onion writers and staffers to launch his own satirical site.

“It’s pretty obvious that comedy is the next frontier after electric vehicles, space exploration and brain-computer interfaces,” Musk said in a tongue-in-cheek quote to The Daily Beast. “Don’t know how anyone’s not seeing this.”

Musk, the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, seemed to joke on Twitter that the name of his “new intergalactic media empire” would be “Thud!” — “exclamation point optional.”

How to Integrate Shopify With Facebook

Do you want to sell your Shopify products and services on Facebook?

Looking for tips to help?

In this article, you’ll find four tips to integrate a Shopify store with your Facebook (and Instagram) marketing.

Are You Listening? The 20 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

How do you know if your customers (and potential customers) are talking about you on social media?

If they tagged your social media profile in their posts, you could check your notifications.

If they didn’t, maybe you could search on each social media platform every time you want to find out.

Sounds tedious? Here’s a better way:

Use social media monitoring tools.

5 Uses for Website Popups You’ve Never Considered

Read on for the coolest things you can do with website popups. Ever. Including augmented reality. Yup.

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