Case Study: Marketer Says ‘NO!’ to $10,000/mo Affiliate Commissions – Does THIS Instead

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If you were making $10K a month by simply emailing out affiliate promotions, would you want to stop?

One marketer did just that. He was earning a hefty income like clockwork by promoting other marketer’s products when he decided to change his business model.

He was no longer a ‘super-affiliate.’ With rare exception he no longer promoted launches. He pulled the affiliate emails out of his autoresponders. He turned his back on being an affiliate and instead concentrated on creating and promoting his own products.

The downside?

  • A significant loss of income for a few months until he was able to ramp up his own product offering.


  • No more review copies of new products.

The upside?

  • No longer promoting products he didn’t 100% believe in. Let’s face it, some products truly don’t deserve to be promoted.


  • No longer receiving a dozen affiliate requests per day.


  • No longer being held hostage to promote a product as payment for someone else promoting his product.


  • No longer arranging his calendar around the latest launches.


  • No more competing to sell the same products everyone else was selling.


  • Feeling good about himself because he could better help his buyers rather than selling them out with the latest gimmick offering.

He continued to email as often as he did before removing affiliate promotions, but now he wrote emails exclusively promoting his own products.

He took time to consider how he could best help his customers and created products accordingly.

He learned to play the game on his own terms and now makes as much money as he did before when he was, as he describes it: “In the pockets of other marketers.”

He’s happier, more focused on helping people, less focused on squeezing every dime out of customers and oddly enough, spending less time working rather than more.

He now has two assistants who handle all customer service issues for him as well as doing some of his work. He focuses mainly on three things: Product creation, writing emails to promote those products and coaching.

The lesson I took from this story is to reevaluate what I’m doing. Is it making me happy? Or just rich? Is it offering my highest good to my customers? Or is there something I can do to improve my offerings, lessen my workload and be happier, too?

Good questions. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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