How To Get An Instant Traffic Surge To Your Site

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There’s no question that building an affiliate program is THE best way to get a lot of free traffic to your web site.

And, if you spend any amount of time at all reading through the materials here, you’ll find a lot of useful ideas for finding affiliates to grow your program.

But, here is an affiliate idea that will absolutely take your traffic and sales to the next level.

Let me give it to you in it’s abbreviated form first, and then I’ll explain everything you need to know to quickly get it implemented.

You ready for this?

Here goes…

“Find a motivated ‘affiliate manager’ and pay them 50% of all your profits”

Now, I know what you’re thinking – why in the world would I pay someone HALF of all of my profit?

I’m about to explain it to you. And believe me, this is worth the read, so pay careful attention to what I’m about to explain to you.

This is good.

It works like this…

1. Setup a separate website to process orders.

To begin with, you’ll need to setup a separate website to process all of the orders that your “affiliate manager” brings in (along with all sales generated by the affiliates he recruits for you)

In other words, you register a new domain that is similar to the title of your existing domain, and you host that site.



This is all handled at a different site than your existing one. And that is for good reason.

This way, your affiliate manager ONLY gets paid for
sales that he is directly responsible for bringing in.

Whether it is …

  • Traffic and sales from his own personal promotion of the product, or
  • Traffic and sales from affiliates he has recruited to promote the product at this new site.

Either way, you’re getting paid 50% of all profits generated to the new site and you don’t have to do a single thing to get it! Your affiliate manager does all of the work on your behalf.

And he’s motivated to do it, because he is an EQUAL PARTNER with you on the project, making 50% of all of the profit made!

Watch This Closely…

Do you see how this is a tremendous opportunity for both sides?

For you, you get a highly-motivated affiliate doing three important things for you…

  1. Promoting your product. You get 50% of all profits from this site that you wouldn’t have received otherwise.
  2. Recruiting affiliates to promote your product. You get a growing database of affiliates actively promoting your site that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. (Not to mention the fact that you can get these affiliates involved in promoting other related offers!)
  3. Building an opt-in list. And you’re getting an opt-in list build for you that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise…that you can promote numerous offers to in the future! (Assuming you’ve got a list offered at the site)

All of this is completely free to you – your affiliate manager does all of the work.

And for him, well it’s a tremendous opportunity for him as well.

He gets so much more than a standard affiliate commission or even a bunch of 2-tier affiliate commissions on recruiting affiliates.

He gets a 50% cut on all profits generated, regardless of how many “levels” down the affiliate recruiting goes.


Talk about motivation to work hard to build traffic and recruit affiliates and really get things rolling at the site! He stands to make as much as you do!

Note: But, don’t forget the point here – this is all free traffic, free resources (affiliate database and opt-in list) and free profit for you, because you don’t have to do a thing but collect YOUR 50% and build your business. AND, you’ve still got your MAIN site that your building by yourself – this is all EXTRA!

2. Open a separate Clickbank account  for processing orders and managing affiliate program.

After you’ve got your domain name chosen and hosting established for it, drop by Clickbank and open a new account for processing all of the orders and managing your new affiliate program that your “manager” will be overseeing.

This is a completely separate account from your existing one. All orders generated through this account will be completely brought in by your affiliate manager and affiliates / partners he recruits.

Now, obviously, your affiliate manager will want to monitor sales stats to see how much profit is being generated to this Clickbank account. You’ve got two options for how you allow your affiliate manager access…

Get full access to the control panel. Your first option is to allow your affiliate manager complete access to the control panel at Clickbank in order to monitor stats. I highly recommend that you ONLY do this if your affiliate manager is someone you know well and find completely trustworthy. Once someone has access to your Clickbank account, they can, in effect, take control of the account. Use this option with extreme caution.

Give email access and screenshots. The other option is to setup a forwarding email address that sends the sales notifications from Clickbank to both of your email accounts. This will allow your affiliate manager to get notified when any sale is generated so they can verify sales and profits. Additionally, at the end of each pay period, you could take screenshots of the Clickbank control panel or scan the check you receive from Clickbank when sending your affiliate manager’s half of the profits received.

3. Find an affiliate manager / JV broker to handle the site. After you have the site established and your separate Clickbank account in place to process and track orders, it’s time to find the right affiliate manager for your project.

There are three things that I look for in filling this position in my own business that I highly recommend you consider as well…

  • Existing internet marketing experience. Obviously, it will work best if the person you bring into this project already knows what they’re doing. You want to avoid having to train someone if possible. Your best option is someone who is already earning money online from internet marketing, specifically as an affiliate.
  • Personal relationship or strong recommendation from a trusted source. It’s absolutely critical that you have a personal relationship with this person and know they are completely trustworthy, dependable and through – or receive a strong recommendation from someone you trust. You want to surround yourself only with people you can fully rely on to avoid potential problems.
  • Serious commitment to the project. This is potentially a very lucrative arrangement. If your affiliate manager is committed to building the business as they would their own, then you both stand to make a lot of money from it. I only look for folks who are serious about their commitment to my project. If it’s going to be a “sideline” for them, then I’d rather not bring them in. I look for someone who agrees that my project comes FIRST, and anything else they are doing is fine, but it must take a back seat to my project.

When you decide who you want to approach for the partnership, explain everything thoroughly.

Get your agreement in writing. Is the 50% profit for 12 months or a lifetime? (Hint: I recommend putting a time frame on it)

  • Explain that they will get NO ownership of your product or any resources built from their efforts (I.E. affiliate database, opt-in list, customer list, etc.). It is strictly 50% of all profits.
  • Explain how they will be able to verify profit and when you’ll pay them.
  • Explain what you expect from them.

This is such an incredible opportunity and you want to make sure that you both understand what the arrangement is going in.

4. Pay the affiliate manager 50% of all profits.

Traffic, orders and profit should begin streaming in soon – and, should continue to grow for months and months to come. Monitor the activity of your affiliate manager and pay them promptly.

As you create new marketing materials, incentives, contests and special offers for your own affiliate program, pass them on to your affiliate manager to use with the affiliates he has recruited for the separate program.

Hint: Encourage him to create his own unique materials, incentives, and contests for his own affiliates as well!

What an incredible traffic-generation idea!

You get…

  • 50% of all profits from this separate site!
  • A growing database of affiliates!
  • A growing opt-in list!

All in all, this is one of THE best ways to grow your business … without lifting a finger

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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