Your Top Five PLR Questions… Answered!

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You’ve probably heard of PLR content before. But maybe you really don’t know what it is. Or maybe you don’t know how to use it to put cash in your pocket.

Below you’ll find answers to those questions and three others:


  • What is PLR?

PLR refers to private label rights content where the content creator licenses the use of the content to others. Generally, this means that you can modify the content, give it away or resell it as long as you stay with the terms of the license. You can even put your name as the author.

Tip: Unless the license gives you “transferable rights,” you cannot pass your PLR rights along to any of your customers. That means you can sell or giveaway the content to people for their personal use, but they can’t in turn sell or give away the content to anyone else.

PLR content is most commonly found in text format, such as articles, ebooks or even short reports. But you can also find audio and video PLR content.

  • Can I do ANYTHING I want with the content?

Not quite. You need to read your specific PLR license to see exactly what you can do with a particular product. Some licenses are more lenient than others. If in doubt, do NOT assume you have a particular right. Instead, contact the product creator to ask if a specific right is included.

  • Where can you find PLR content?

Some well-known marketers run their own PLR sites, including me (enter URLS for selected sites here). But you can also find PLR sites by:

  • Browsing the, and marketplaces.
  • Running a search for PLR content in Google. You can search using general terms like: PLR, private label content, private label rights content, PLR articles, PLR ebooks, etc. Or you can be more specific by entering terms like “dog PLR content” or “health PLR articles” (without the quotes).
  • Asking for PLR sources on popular business and marketing forums.
  • What should I look for when purchasing PLR content?

First off, you’re looking for quality. You can determine this by looking at samples of the content or reviews from other users.

Second, you’re looking for limited licenses to reduce the number of other marketers who’re using the same content.

Finally, you should also research the creator to see what sort of reputation he or she has with regards to creating PLR content. Look for someone who has an honest reputation and, preferably, is an expert in the topic he or she is writing about.

  • How do I make money with PLR content?

I could list dozens of ways to profit from your PLR content. Here are five proven ways you can use it to bank some cash:

  • Load it into your autoresponder and use it to build trust and/or pre-sell products.
  • Chop up an ebook and turn it into dozens of blog posts. Just one average ebook could give you enough content for six months or more. And since you’re not posting PLR articles, you’ll see hardly anyone else using the content on their blogs!
  • Turn a PLR ebook into an audio book and sell it as a medium-priced product.
  • Combine multiple PLR sources to create a new product and then sell this new ebook.
  • Rewrite a short PLR report to include some controversy… and then give this report away in as a means of building your list.

In conclusion…

PLR content saves you time and money since you get to cut the time you spend creating products and other content. And since you can profit from PLR content in an almost endless number of ways, it’s one of the best investments you can make in your info product business!

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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