Naked Wines: Capturing Prospects’ Interest with Questions

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Head over to and what you’ll find is a gorgeous shot of a vineyard along with a question:

“Are you buying wine the smart way? Find out now – only 4 questions. What’s more, you’ll get $100 worth of wine.”

A green button prompts, “Let’s do it”.


You click the button and the next thing you see is…

“You buy a $100 Napa Cab… what’s the value of the juice inside the bottle?”

The two options are: “$20” and “$60”.

Click $20 and the next page says,

“Right! Napa Valley might be world famous for its obscenely bold red wines… but if you’ve been paying anything above $40 retail for its Cabernets, I’ve got some bad news – you’re spending 80% on shiny packaging and middlemen. That’s stuff you can’t even taste!”

It goes on to ask three more questions and prime the visitor for what’s coming… an offer of wine, starting with $100 off of a half case.

I’ll let you visit the page to see the rest of the questions. And while you’re looking at it, consider how you might use this same technique on your landing page with first time visitors. What is it that you want those first time visitors to know about your niche in general and your product in particular? What can you ask them and tell them to prime them for an offer they don’t want to refuse?

And while you are at it, how can you make visitors feel good for taking your little quiz? Notice on NakedWines that even if you get a question wrong, they still use the green color as though you chose the right answer, rather than using red which would call attention to your mistake.

Also, notice the fourth question is, “Want to know the real secret to buying great wine?”

If you’re selling online marketing info, you might ask, “Want to know the real secret to making money online?”

Simple, right?

After they tell you that you’ve made a great decision, they offer you a $100 discount that reads,

“Claim $100 for a bet you can’t lose!

  • 6 bottles for only $39.99
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • No requirement to buy again”

You enter your email address and hit the “claim” button.

Nicely done.

Now check out the site, buy some wine if you like, and be sure to try this method on one of your landing pages.

I suspect it works really well for one reason: This site has been using this method for years, and they wouldn’t keep doing it if it wasn’t working.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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