How to Radically Revitalize Your Business in 30 Days with Zero Out of Pocket

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Have you ever driven your car onto a frozen lake, parked, cut a hole in the ice and started fishing?

This might sound like a crazy idea if you’re from a warm climate. Why would you sit there on the ice for hours, freezing yourself silly, waiting for a fish to wake up from its cold slumber and bite your hook?

One way to make this sport more bearable is to build yourself an ice-fishing shanty. About the size of a garden shed, this is a small structure that is towed out onto the ice. The structure has one or more trap doors in the floor where you can use an auger to cut through the ice.

You can furnish these shanties with comfortable chairs and a propane heater – just don’t get your shanty so warm that it melts into the ice or worse yet – through the ice.

“What in the heck does this have to do with email marketing?”

Maybe nothing, but let me continue…

A couple in Princeton, Minnesota, decided they’d rather have chicken eggs than fish, and so they converted their ice fishing shanty into a chicken coop.

They added nesting boxes to accommodate 80 chickens and use the trap doors to clean out the old bedding and chicken poop before moving the structure – on wheels – to a new location. When a chicken hawk appears in the sky, the chickens can dive under their chicken coop for safety.

Really, I think this is a much better use for the ice shanty than sitting in the cold for hours hoping a fish has had enough living and is ready for the fry pan.

If you’ve been doing online marketing for any length of time then I’ll bet right now you have assets that you aren’t using fully. It’s just a matter of identifying those assets converting them into a better, higher use.

For example, do you have…

  • Old email lists?
  • Social media followers?
  • Products you’ve created but no longer sell?
  • Content that is languishing with no readers?
  • Special knowledge you’ve gained on how to do certain things?
  • PLR products you’ve purchased but not used?

Any of these assets and loads of others I didn’t list can be repurposed to increase your business.

Think about it… if an old ice shanty can find new life housing 80 chickens, couldn’t you…

  • Revive your old email lists by sending a 30-day campaign of emails people WANT to read?
  • Start a new, coordinated campaign to bring your social media followers to your website, your squeeze pages, your products?
  • Update, refresh and re-release your old products, or sell resell rights to them?
  • Update and repurpose your existing content into audios, videos, new posts, books and so forth?
  • Take your own specialized knowledge and turn it into new posts, lead magnets and products?
  • Dig out those PLR products you purchased, find the gold and repurpose those into content and products, too?

You might want to take inventory of everything you have, whether it’s languishing on your website, on your hard drive or in your memory, and make a list.

Then after each item, think of 5 ways you can repurpose and reuse it to either build your audience or make more sales.

If you’ve been doing online marketing for any real length of time, then I’ll bet you an ice-fishing shanty that you have thousands of dollars in assets going to waste right now.

The challenge is to identify them, decide on a course of action and then get busy.

And it won’t cost you a cent.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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