Fiverr: How to Earn $500 or More Per Week Doing Simple Little Things that Require Almost No Skill

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There are people on Fiverr making $30 to $70 per gig and even more with premium offerings.

And there are folks on Fiverr who have high demand gigs that take them just a few minutes to complete. Even if they’re just getting $5 a gig, if they can do 10 of them in an hour then that’s a good wage.

Of course, many of these gigs require skills, and I’ll give you a list of just some of them here in case you possess any of these skills and want to make money on Fiverr. If you don’t have any of these skills, don’t despair because we’ll get into that next.

General categories of Fiverr gigs that require some skill:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech

There are a lot more, of course, but this gives you a general idea of things being offered on Fiverr.

What if you don’t possess any skills within these categories? That’s okay because there are still ways to make significant money through Fiverr.

Just one note: When I say you won’t need much or even any skill, perhaps I need to qualify that just a bit because I have to assume you have some skills. You can use a computer, for example, and you can follow the steps on the Fiverr website to set up a gig.

What is Fiverr? It’s an online marketplace founded in 2010 that connects people who want services with freelancers who can provide those services.

Freelancers post ‘gigs’ on Fiverr, such as, “I will do your social media posting for you” and people buy those gigs to receive the services.

While many of the gigs on Fiverr started out at $5 in 2010, here in 2022 the vast majority of gigs sell for $20 and higher.

There is a challenge with Fiverr you need to be aware of and it’s this:

Because Fiverr has been around for 12 years, many of the categories on Fiverr are saturated. For example, if you jump on there right now and offer your services building websites, writing articles or creating logos, you’d find there are thousands of people already offering those services and having plenty of feedback to show they know how to do it, too.

In other words, if you pick the wrong niche, the competition can be almost overwhelming.

But those gigs take some skill and we want to focus on gigs that require either little to no skill or use skills you already possess that you might not realize are in demand.

And we want to do it in niches where demand is high and supply is low, which can be akin to finding needles in haystacks if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And by the way, that “Finding a needle in a haystack” cliché to illustrate how difficult something is always bothered me. I mean, think about it: If you want to find a needle in a haystack, all you need is a powerful magnet or a large tank of water. For the magnet you just fluff the hay with a hayfork so that the needle falls to the ground, then run the magnet over the ground and you’ve got it. If you’re wondering how the water works, hay floats and needles sink, so you get the picture.

You might think that haystack rant was a digression from the topic, but what if you were to offer a service that rids copy of cliché expressions and replaces them with fresh, timely phrases instead?

A simple Google search for a list of these would be all you need to perform this gig, and you could do it in just a couple of minutes for $5.

See? Ideas for Fiverr gigs are everywhere, if you’re paying attention. And many of them do not require a great deal of skill.

Here then is a list of Fiverr gigs you might want to consider that take little skill or even utilize everyday skills you already possess.

Astrology – you can give anyone an astrology reading based on their date of birth, and you can do it with a simple Google search. Yes, people are already paying $5 to $50 and a whole lot more for this service.

Spells – you can cast a powerful spell for your customers. It might be a love spell, a spell against their enemies, a spell to bring money into their lives – that’s three different gigs right there.

How do you actually cast the spell? You could video yourself doing it or jump on a 5 minute video call with them. You’ll only need a basic script which you can slightly modify for each individual case.

Psychic Readings – I imagine the key here is to tell them what they want to hear, such as love, money and success are coming into their lives. Someone who is asking for a psychic reading needs confidence to go about their day, and you can be the one to give them that.

Dream Analysis – Again, a simple Google search will get you started in the right direction. You might have them tell you the gist of their dream before you get on a call with them so you have time to prepare (Google search it).

Then let them tell you their dream in full as you analyze it. You’ll find that people tend to dream about similar things, so it won’t take you long to build a list of these dreams and their meanings.

As with any niche, the key to getting a lot of gigs in things like Astrology, Spells, Dream Analysis and Psychic readings is to stand apart from all the other listings.

Look at what’s being offered and then choose an angle that is different, exciting or fun.

If you can be entertaining or even humorous, do it.

If you can use a picture that looks radically different from everything else, do it. Stand out and stand apart.

Next, you want your Astrology, Spell, Dream and Psychic Reading customers to come back time and time again. Making them feel good about themselves is going to make them want to consult with you whenever they need a little boost. Be their cheerleader.

Just an aside, if I had a psychic consultant who always made me feel better, I’d consult with her or him every week and I’m not even into that stuff.

Looking through the Psychic category you’ll see that most of these services start at $30 and go up from there. I’m looking at one that advertises, “I will do the mother of all rituals, the ultimate urgent spell casting experience” and she charges $275 to $650 for her services.

Maybe I need to start offering this service myself… ?

Moving on…

Game Coaching – This one does require skill but it’s a skill that most people don’t realize they can monetize. If you have at least one video game where you are exceptionally good, you can sell your game coaching services for that game. Then when a new game comes out that you like, spend time mastering that game and you’ll have a second gig you can offer and so on.

Essentially you are getting paid to play video games and then talk about it with others. Crazy, right? But this can be a full time income for you if you’re a gaming enthusiast.

And by the way, it doesn’t have to be a video game. You could coach chess, bridge, poker or any game where people will pay you to help them improve their performance.

Tutoring – If you have any skill that someone needs help with – even third grade math – then this might be for you. While I did say we were going to focus on gigs that require little or no skill, you have to admit that you are good at SOMETHING, aren’t you?

The question is, are there people who will pay to learn what you know? Or are their parents who will pay you to tutor their child? If so, tutoring or coaching might be for you.

A couple of examples: You are a mother of 3 children. This makes you an expert in having and raising kids. Do you think there might be new moms and dads who are desperate for some help and advice?

Another example: You love dogs. You’ve had dogs all your life and you know how to handle just about any dog problem or situation. Do you think there are desperate dog owners who would love your help?

One more example: You’ve probably held jobs where you did stuff other people would like to learn, or you learned how to do things on the job that made your work easier or better. Do you think there are people holding those jobs now who would like your expert coaching?

The list of tutoring topics is nearly endless with new ones coming out all the time. I guarantee anyone over the age of about 10 can teach something they know well to someone else who wants that knowledge, even if it’s how to hit a softball, ace a test, draw a dragon, speak English or invest in Forex.

Lessons – Cooking lessons, craft lessons, dance lessons, yoga lessons and so forth. This is essentially tutoring but I’m making it a separate category because I want you to realize you already know stuff other people want to learn.

Job Interview Practice – People looking for work will benefit from the practice of going through a pretend job interview. If you can act the part of a potential employer, ask tough questions and give good feedback, you can charge $100 a gig for this one.

Tailor the interview to the exact position and company they are pursuing and I predict you’ll have more work than you can handle.

Life Coach – are you the person people come to for advice? Are you a good listener? Can you cut through the B.S. and see what needs to be done? Life coaching does take some skill, but if you’re already the person others turn to when they need talk something through, then this might be for you.

If you choose life coaching, try specializing. For example, you might be a work coach, career coach, family coach, love coach, ADHD coach, etc.

Accountability Partner – people often know what they need to do but they just don’t seem to get it done. You can be the person who makes sure they stay on track.

This takes zero experience and is simply a matter of checking in with them, finding out what they want to accomplish in what time frame, reminding them via text or email of how much time is left (only 3 more days to get it done!) and then checking back with them to establish new goals for the coming time period.

Fitness Coaching – do you know how to get into peak physical shape? Do you spend every spare moment at the gym or reading fitness magazines? Then this might be for you.

Try specializing to get more business. For example, a woman who is over 50 will appreciate a fitness coach who only works with women over 50.

Diet Coaching – have you lost weight on a particular diet? If so, this one is dynamite, especially if it was a popular diet such as Keto.

Believe it or not I know of at least one person who has made a super healthy six figures with Keto coaching. She never wrote a book or did any of the traditional expert stuff; she just coaches and people seek her out for her advice.

Listening – there are many, many people out there who will pay money to someone just so they can finally be heard. Make no mistake, truly listening and hearing the other person is indeed a skill but it’s one you can master quickly.

Search on YouTube for videos that teach listening skills and then practice on your partner and friends for a few days before listing this gig.

Voice Work – do people tell you that you have a great voice? Voice over work is in high demand and if you have a voice people like to listen to, then you might try this. Generally all you’ll need to do is read the copy out loud in a natural manner. I know professional voice over artists won’t like me saying this, but if you already have a good speaking voice then I suspect there is very little skill needed to make this work.

Meditation – you can craft a personalized meditation for someone based on their needs or sell a generic meditation for a specific problem such as ADHD.

Meditation is super hot right now and an excellent category to enter if this is something you can teach.

Social Media – this category is saturated but it can still be a good one if you are a specialized expert at one aspect of it. For example, you’re an expert at Facebook ads or getting seen on Instagram.

Many of the social media gigs advertised are along the lines of, “I will be your social media everything”. Frankly, when I want something done, I want to hire someone who only does that one thing and does it so well they have no competition to speak of.

Dating Profiles – just as some people want help setting up their social media profiles, there are also folks who want to be on dating sites but hate the thought of having to create their profiles.

If you’ve used any dating site recently with success, then you could offer to set up dating profiles that get seen and responded to.

Pet Portraits and More – this takes surprisingly little skill because there is now a multitude of software programs you can use to turn photographs of anything – people, pets, cars, homes, places – into beautiful portraits.

Shop around for the software you like, then list several specialized gigs such as those I just listed.

Pet Portraits from Famous Paintings – have you seen those pet portraits that look like the Mona Lisa and other classic paintings? Again, software does 99% of the work for you. Simply load the customer’s photo into the program and send them the result. In most cases you can do this in less than five minutes.

Pet Cartoons – again, you can purchase software that does most of the work for you, creating delightful cartoon figures from the photos people send you. The pet industry is huge and profitable, so why not claim a piece of it for yourself?

PLR Rights – you can sell single private label rights (PLR) items and PLR packages on Fiverr. This could be PLR that you create, but you could also buy the rights to sell materials and then package and sell them on Fiverr. The beauty of this is you can put the package together once and sell it an unlimited number of times.

Finished Reports – these aren’t custom written reports specific to each customer, but rather a report written one time and sold over and over again. For example, I’m looking at “Pinterest Ads Ultimate Cheat Sheet” for $20. It’s 11 PDF files, so there is some size to it.

No need to write this yourself because you could outsource it or create these finished reports from PLR materials.

Research – are you proficient at ferreting out details? Research takes more time than skill and it’s an in-demand service you can provide.

Product Reviews – if you’ve ever written product reviews then this might be for you.

Keyword Research – there is a huge demand for keywords bloggers can rank for and software will do the heavy lifting for you.

Subtitles and Video Captions – people make videos and they want subtitles because some people like to read. And while you may not have any skill in doing this, you don’t need it. Just go to and this tool will do the work for you.

Simply sign up for a free account to try it out, upload the video and let it transcribe the audio for you and add subtitles. Easy, right? You can even choose the font and add a logo.

Video Creation – some of the highest paying services on Fiverr involve video creation, and yet you may not know that creating videos can be super easy thanks to software.

Animated videos, whiteboard videos and slideshow videos can all be done via software. The finished product looks professional and no one has to know the software is idiot proof and does nearly all of the work for you.

Other video services you can offer are video promotion and distribution, video ad campaigns, social video content, video SEO and social video enhancements. These might be things you learn how to do after your video creation gets off the ground, or you can outsource them to someone else to do for you.

Which brings up a point…

Fiverr Arbitrage

Arbitrage is a fancy term for buying something cheap and selling it dear. You purchase the services of someone to edit a video, for example, for $30, and you charge your customer $60. No one has to know you hired the work out rather than doing it yourself.

This begs the question, “Why would someone pay you $60 if they could hire the other person for $30?”

There are all sorts of reasons, including…

They know you and trust you – if you already have a relationship with customers, they would much rather turn to you than a stranger to get the work done.

You have a reputation for delivering quality. If your reputation proceeds you, then you can charge more and still get more business.

You can reach people the cheaper freelancer cannot reach. You have access to people inside Facebook Groups, for example, or on LinkedIn. These people will go with someone within their circle rather than performing a search for an unknown freelancer.

You are better at sales. If you are closing people on calls, for example, you might be charging $200 for that $30 service. The person on the call is glad to pay it because they know you will deliver, and if there is any problem you will fix it.

The law of numbers. Even if all you do is place your $60 gig next to the guy charging $30, all else being equal, a certain percentage of people are going to assume your service is twice as good as the person charging half the price and they’re going to pick you.

Which Services Are the Most Profitable to Arbitrage?

This is both an easy and difficult question to answer. Obviously, the gig where you can charge the most while paying the least will make you the most money when you can sell it.

But how many you can sell is a factor as well. For example, let’s say you’ve got two scenarios:

Scenario 1: You charge $60 and pay $30 for a gig that you can sell 5 times per day on average. That’s $150 profit per day.

Scenario 2: You charge $200 and pay $50. That’s also a $150 profit, but you only sell one of these per week.

But why not do both? And in fact, why not do several? As long as you have tested your suppliers and know they deliver a super high quality product or service, you can offer as many gigs as you can handle.

One crucial point: You must get your freelancer to agree to NOT have their name appear anywhere on or in the file they send to you. If you can give them plenty of work, almost no freelancer will say no to this.

Running an Entire Agency Through Fiverr

You can literally run an entire marketing agency that helps local businesses with all of their website, SEO and marketing needs by utilizing Fiverr gigs. Think about that.

You could have 20 local clients all paying you an average of $300 a month for various services, and it might only take $1000 to have the work done by outsourcers on Fiverr, leaving you with a cool $5000 profit each month.

Having just written that last sentence, I truly feel I buried the lead of this article. But frankly running an agency is beyond the scope of what I intended to cover here. Rather, I just want you to be aware of how much you can achieve by not only offering Fiverr gigs, but also using Fiverr to provide services for your customers.

But wait, there’s more…

Did you know you can make money on Fiverr without a single gig?

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Maybe you don’t want to post gigs and fulfill orders because it’s too time consuming or you just don’t want to deal with customers.

No problem. The Fiverr affiliate program can be quite lucrative if you work it.

The program operates like many affiliate programs: You sign up and get your own affiliate link, and you get paid when anyone uses your link to purchase a gig on Fiverr, Fiverr Learn and Fiverr Workspace (formerly AND.CO).

There are two commission plans to choose from:

Fiverr CPA (cost per action/acquisition) commission plan which offers between $15 and $150 CPA for first buyer purchases. This means you only get paid a commission for orders placed by first time buyers and you won’t be paid if you refer people who already have an account on Fiverr, even if they’ve never purchased anything before.

Fiverr Hybrid Commission Plan pays a fixed CPA of $10 for all first time purchases, plus 10% revenue share from every order the user makes for 12 months.

Fiverr Services You Can Promote

Fiverr – this is the general Fiverr market place. Commissions here typically range from $15 to $50.

Fiverr Pro – a version of the original Fiverr marketplace where only hand-vetted sellers can offer their services. Prices are higher here and so are commissions – $150.

Fiverr Learn – this is the platform’s marketplace targeted at freelancers who are interested in taking online professional courses. Commissions from each course ordered are $30.

Fiverr Workspace (formerly AND.CO) – this is a SaaS (software as a service) acquired by Fiverr. The software offers a myriad of tools to help freelancers grow and manage their business. The commission here is $30.

To become a Fiverr affiliate, go to the Fiverr affiliate registration page, fill in your details, set up your payment details so that you can get paid, get your affiliate link and get busy promoting that link.

You might write blogposts on particular Fiverr services, advertise on social media, promote to your email list and so forth.

I recommend focusing your efforts on promoting Fiverr Pro because just 4 sales a week will earn you $600 in commissions.

Weirdest Fiverr Gigs?

Let’s close with a little levity before you go make your Fiverr fortune. Here are some of the strangest, oddest and most interesting gigs on Fiverr:

“I will cast an extremely powerful obsession spell” You can get spells, charms and hexes on Fiverr and they’re really popular.

“I will release 5 fishes for you” One seller promises to buy five live fish from the market that are meant for the dinner table and release them back into the wild. Again, this gig is super popular.

“I will provide Kundalini Goddess Healing and Grant Wishes” While this is popular it’s not one I recommend you try. Anytime you promise to heal someone you can place yourself in legal jeopardy. But it is definitely weird!

“I will leave a message in the voice of your chosen celebrity” There are quire a few impersonators who will read your script in the celebrity voice of your choosing.

I will have Jesus Create an Awesome Promotional Video” This one has sold thousands as people want Jesus to review their product, rock out to a song or do other stuff. Because, why not?

“I will teach you to Telepathically communicate with your pets” Now your cat can finally tell you what flavor food he’s in the mood for.

“I will scream your name into a bush” Dozens of people have paid for this. I don’t know why.

“I will provide you with 50 Tinder openers” Here’s a great example of creating a report once and selling it over and over again.

“I will break up with your BF or GF creatively” No one wants to do this themselves, so it makes sense that this is a hot seller.

And lastly, for $55 a guy will create a video of himself singing happy birthday to you into a banana. Not kidding. 276 people have purchased this one.

As you can see, imagination coupled with a little weirdness can be profitable on Fiverr.

Now it’s time to make a list of possible gigs you want to post on Fiverr.

Or if you’re more inclined, sign up for the affiliate program. You might begin your promotion by telling your audience about the banana guy – I know I would click on that myself.

In fact, I already did.

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