5 Steps to Turning Your Passion (or Interest) into Profit

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They say if you follow your passion, you’ll be successful. The idea is that your passion will see you through all the struggles, mistakes and missteps that eventually lead to your massive success.

And there is some serious truth to this, too.

Let’s say you’re on a journey to someplace you don’t really want to go to, and you have a flat tire. Cripes, this must be a sign, right? Let’s turn around and go home.

But if you’re on a journey to the place you’ve always wanted to be, then a flat tire is simply a tiny setback. It won’t mean a thing, other than you need to get that tire changed and get back on the road pronto.

And better still, if the destination means something powerful to you such as saving the life of your loved one, you will move heaven and earth to get there.

So yes, following your passion does make for a much easier trip to your destination because you have the motivation to get there.

But what if you want to build a business and your passion is something that no one will spend money for?

Then it’s best to choose something else that you’re interested in. It doesn’t have to be your #1 passion. It can simply be something that you want to know more about, that is interesting to you, and that you can see yourself doing for the next 5 years.

When you’ve got your ‘passion’ or at least your strong interest in a profitable niche, how can you best turn that passion into profit?

You might use this proven 5 step system, since it’s the easiest and fastest one I’ve found:


Step 1: Find Your Big Idea

The goal here is to distinguish between all of the “I Like It” ideas and the one “I LOVE It and Must HAVE It” idea. You’re looking for that one big idea within your passion or niche that smacks people upside the head and makes them whip out their wallets and hand you their credit card almost without thinking.

For example, “How to Be a Good Cook” makes for a product that people might like, but few people are going to think they must have it this instant.

But, “How to Create Spectacular Culinary Delights in 30 Minutes that Make People Swoon in Ecstasy and Believe You Are a World-class Chef at First Bite, Even if You Can’t Boil Water Right Now” is a product I would buy, and I’m not even that interested in cooking!

Find your #1 best BIG IDEA for your passion/niche. Take the time and effort to get this right and the next 4 steps will seamlessly fall into line for you.


Step 2: Write a Course Outline

Yup, you’re going to create a course.

Wait! Don’t stop reading because you think this is beyond you – it’s not.

You might think you don’t have what it takes to create a course but I’m going to tell you a secret – you don’t have to be an expert on your topic.

Remember, this is a niche you are either passionate about or at least have a strong interest in. This is important because doing your research is going to be exciting. You like this topic. Learning more about it is more entertainment than work.

And if you’d rather, you can skip the research and find yourself an expert and partner with them.

Use the internet and especially Amazon to research what is holding people back from attaining success in your BIG IDEA, as well as how to overcome those issues.

In the course of your research, you’re going to choose the 3 biggest issues pertaining to your one BIG IDEA.

Think about creating masterful food dishes when you have no experience – what are the issues that come up? Off the top of my head and without proper research, I’ll say…

  • Not knowing the most basic, foundational cooking techniques that are used by all master chefs
  • Not knowing how to properly use spices to turn the simplest of ingredients into world class dishes
  • Not knowing the shortcuts that make a 30-minute meal taste like you slaved over a hot stove all day.

These are just examples. You’ll want to do actual research to determine the 3 biggest issues or obstacles in your niche.


Step 3: Optional – Use Experts Instead of Research

And if you don’t want to research, then you can reach out to experts to provide the content for you.

These experts want to get their work out there but many of them don’t know how. They’ve got the knowledge and you’ve got the marketing expertise. By partnering up with them, you can create a killer product without writing the content yourself.

Where do you find these experts? Look on Amazon for authors and find experts on YouTube. Choose 3 and ask if you can interview each of them for an hour. You’re not offering to pay them, but you will give their website urls to your students as well as promoting them on social media.

In turn they will often promote your course through their own online community, acting as your affiliate to bring you sales.

Or you can take a slightly different path, choosing one expert to partner with, giving them a percentage of your sales.

Step 4: Create Your Product

You’re going to do 3 live webinars, each one covering one of the three biggest issues in your niche.

You can provide the content on these live webinars, or you can have your expert(s) deliver the content as you do the interviews.

Or if you don’t want to conduct the interviews yourself, you can outsource that to someone else as well.

You are acting as the producer; the person who is putting everything together. It doesn’t even matter if you’re also the expert, if you’re interviewing the expert(s) or if you’re strictly behind the scenes.

Personally, I like to at least be the one conducting the interviews because the expertise of the experts gives me instant expertise status as well, which often results in more deals and joint ventures down the road.


5: Make Money

You’re going to sell your BIG IDEA on a sales page and/or a webinar. (Just a note: Webinars convert far better than sales letters.)

You can sell your course before it’s even made. You’ve got your one BIG IDEA, your three main points and you’ve either done your research or you’ve lined up your expert(s).

Now you sell this powerful mastermind course on your topic which you are doing in a week or two, one live webinar per week for 3 weeks.

If you choose to sell the course via sales webinar, here are a few things to know:

  • You can create a much closer relationship with your audience on a sales webinar, leading to many more sales than if you use a sales letter.


  • If you don’t want to lead the sales webinar, you can outsource it to someone else to be your facilitator.


  • Sales webinars are super easy to create. Write your outline, talk for 30 minutes to an hour, give great content, and then show attendees how much easier the whole thing will be when they get your course.


  • Once you’ve created your sales webinar and product – 1 sales webinar and about 3 course webinars – you can automate the process. Keep driving traffic to your sales webinar, send the buyers to your membership area and everything is on autopilot.


  • Your first traffic can come from your experts and their following.


  • You can use a slideshow for your sales webinar – no need to appear on camera.


  • You can sell your course before you ever create it. Come up with the big idea, write your course outline and sell your product before you create it. Your first clients are essentially paying you to create the product.


  • You can sell higher ticket items using this system. Your lowest price is $97, but you can sell your course for twice that, three times that, and even five times that much or more.

Using this system you can run everything on automation, be perceived as an expert and build a list.

You can scale by selling more products to your new list as well as adding affiliates to bring more sales and further build your list.

And unlike building a traditional funnel, this system takes very little time.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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