3 Clever Ways Internet Marketers are Using Instagram Live

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Thanks to the global pandemic, in March 2020 Instagram Live finally took off for the first time in its history. And it’s been super popular ever since with people who are looking for more meaningful ways to connect with one another.

This video feature is being used by influencers, content creators, celebrities, brands and everyday users.

Users can discover what their favorite brands and influencers are doing in real time by simply tuning into Instagram. This means you can strengthen your audience relations, create a stronger bond with your followers and showcase your products and services in a much more meaningful and impactful manner.

Here’s how to get ready for your first Instagram Live:

  • Make sure your account is public before going live to get maximum reach.
  • Place your phone in a vertical position to take up the entire live screen.
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting before going live.
  • Use a tripod or phone stand to hold your phone steady.
  • Have a good microphone to sound your best.

And here’s how Internet Marketers are making the most of Instagram to further their success:

1: Collaborating with an Expert on a Hot Topic

Choose a topic and find an expert, and then host an Instagram Live in which you interview the expert on your topic. If you get the right topic or the right guest, these live events can bring in a lot of traffic. Get them both right and things can blow up, getting you more traffic than you thought possible.

2: Doing a Live Product Launch

This might take a little nerve but it can work wonders. If you’re releasing a new product, why not do it LIVE on Instagram? Have a few affiliates or experts in your niche lined up to do short, 5-minute segments talking about the need for your product, the benefits of your product they like the most, or even testimonials of how they’ve used the product.

Show your sales coming in to further validate your product’s success. Showing live sales will beget more sales which can cause an avalanche of sales if you pull this off correctly.

3: Do a live Q and A

If you’re an expert on your topic, why not hold live Q and A’s where anyone can come and ask you questions? For those questions that require in-depth answers, give them the abbreviated answer and then be sure to send them to your appropriate product links if they’re interested in getting even more help.

Bonus: The secret recipe for success on Instagram is to use all of Instagram’s features. Post a feed story, a story, a real and going live on Instagram all at the same time will get you maximum exposure.

Then remember to save your Live video by clicking on “End” in the top right corner, click save the video to your camera roll, and add the content as an IGTV when you’re finished.

Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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