Offliners: How to Handle Any BIG Objection

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This comes from a friend of mine, but I understand it originates from the The World Book Encyclopedia selling manual, back in the day when encyclopedias were sold door to door.

Let’s say you’ve made your presentation to your brick and mortar business person. You’ve answered their questions. You’ve done a bang up job of letting them know why YOU are the person to help them with their marketing.

And then they say something like this… “I have to think about it.”

Or… “I can’t afford it.”

Or… “I have to talk to my business manager.”

Here’s what you say… and mind you, this is NOT for the faint of heart.

“Lisa, if there is any reason why you would hesitate, then you shouldn’t do this. Maybe this isn’t for you. In my business, I only want happy clients. I only want to work with business owners who are SURE that this is for them… the business owner who is so excited, they can’t wait to start this [your service] and begin [big benefit.] My question is, is that you?”

This will save you time and the frustration of trying to thwart 20 other objections that are about to come your way.

Some will say, ‘YES, that is them.’ Others will say, ‘no.’

Odds are, you never would have sold the “no’s,” anyway, so don’t worry about them.

But you will be surprised how many say, “Yes!” and sign right there.

This has saved many a sale. You are – in essence – taking the sale FROM them. It’s like taking something from a child. They might not want it until that moment when you take it away, but once you’ve taken it, they will grab it back from you faster than you can blink.

Practice this at home several times before you ever use it for real. Get comfortable with it. Lean in to the client when you say this and speak in a slightly softer voice. Put emphasis on the word, “Sure.”

Once you finish this statement, shut up. Let them speak next.

And then write up the sale.


Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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