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SEO in 2018: Optimizing for Voice Search

By understanding the nuances of voice search, marketers can do a better job of helping searchers find exactly what they’re looking for when they’re asking for it by voice.

4 Texting Rules to Follow…

…as a small business owner (Infographic)

10 Tax Write Offs for Small Biz Around the Holidays

Tax changes are coming – here’s how to take advantage of them.

15 Lessons from This Year’s Online Wins…

…scandals and top videos, tweets and Instagram posts
These top moments reflect larger cultural trends that anyone building a brand can tap into.

2017: The Year in Social Media

The social media landscape blew up in 2017 – in so many ways.

How Are Billionaires Created?

Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman says his masters in philosophy has helped him more than his MBA.

Pikto Chart

Popular tool for creating graphics, presentations and infographics.

What they say: ‘Take your visual communication to the next level without hiring a graphic designer.”

Just enter your data, choose a template and let Piktochart do the work for you.

Make a Meme (MAM)

Free online tool you can use to make your own meme. Includes a library of images – you just add the caption and download the result.

Word of caution: If you’re using it for business purposes, be careful. Not all of their images are copyright free.

Better: Upload your own image or stock photo to MakeaMeme and proceed from there.


An online tool for creating images, containing its own library of thousands of royalty-free images you can drag and drop to the work space, filter, manipulate and other stuff.

What they say: ‘The fastest way to double your social engagement. Ridiculously simple image creation for social media marketers, bloggers and small businesses.’

Place It

Drag and drop your website’s URL or product landing page into any stock photo or video in the library.

What they say: ‘2814 quality mockups and demo videos. Free MacBook, iPad, iMac and iPhone Mockups – Great for making quick mockups.’

Inspiration: From Waitress to Top 1% of Millennials in 6 Months

While this story is about going from a low paying job to a high paying salary marketing director position, I do like the inspiration and “get it done” attitude of the author.

I’m a Millennial, who not too long ago was waiting tables 40+ hours per week in my hometown. I had just dropped out of college because I couldn’t support myself and was forced to move in with my dad. Talk about a shitty situation.

Flash forward six months.

In this short amount of time (that felt like it dragged on forever) I negotiated a $72,000 salaried marketing director position and $3,000 in relocation assistance, which moved me to Boston, the land of opportunities.

Cold Calls: From Nothing to $120K / Year (Script Included)

Inspiration and instruction from someone who runs a small / mid-sized web development and online marketing agency.

Case Study: $4K Site to $100,000 in Revenue in 6 Months

Here’s an inspirational and instructional story of how two Redditors bought a site for $4K, and got it up to $100K in revenue in less than six months.

How Thinking INSIDE the Box Can Make You Wealthy

  • How one woman took her idea from concept to reality and made more than $50,000
  • How a shaving brand used the INSIDE the box concept to generate more than $60m in annual revenues
  • How a one-year old competitor of theirs pulled in $350,000 over the past 12 months
  • How your product-in-a-box might be the easiest thing to market online…ever

For Old Timers Only:

What Happened to the Internet Giants of the 90’s?

Take a walk back to 1995 and see what happened to the Internet giants of days gone by.

Small Biz Site? 10 Things You Better Get Right

Here are ten things to check when setting up an internet presence for a small business.

7 Ways to Better Organize Your Online Connections

You might be missing out on solid business opportunities if you don’t improve your connections.

Facebook Announces 6-Second Pre-Roll Ad Test…

And new mid-roll ad restrictions.

Facebook is also adjusting its News Feed algorithm to prioritize videos from publishers and creators that viewers ‘seek out or return to watch,’ the company said.

Google Analytics Releasing 4 New Functions…

…to offer more user-centric insights

The new features reframe the focus on understanding user journeys.

A Car that Doubles as an Office?

It’s all electric and yes, it’s an office, too. Right now it’s targeted for China, but why not make it world wide? I’d love to park next to the lake / river / ocean / forest / favorite place and get some work done.

10 Crypto Currencies Worth Considering

Yes, there’s Bitcoin. But what about Cardano? Monero? Ethereum and more? Which one will be the next break-out crypto currency?

Top Affiliate Conferences to Attend in 2018

Make connections, learn what’s hot and find out what the latest tends and techniques are before your competition.



Rushed for time? CLICK HERE to download
this post as PDF to read at your leisure


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